Who inspires me? The queen. You should get down and dirty with her.

Who inspires me? The queen. You should get down and dirty with her.

The last time I posed for Sports Illustrated was… oh wait. Never. Nicky Griffin is one extraordinary lady – posing for the magazine in a golden swimsuit, and mother to beautiful twin daughters.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

What day is it… and what do I have to do today.

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Let the dog out and put the kettle on – how very English of me.

You were scouted in a Bank. Was this the weirdest thing ever?

It certainly brightened my day, let’s put it that way. A very nice and flattering thing to happen.

I hear your twin daughters were super stoked for you. How did this make you feel?

The best feeling in the world is your children being excited and proud of you. No one can take that feeling away from me.

Coming into the modelling industry at a more mature age, was this daunting?

A little bit daunting, but more exciting than anything.

You recently graced the pages of Sports Illustrated. That gold swimsuit.

How did you find this experience?

The experience of being in SI wearing a gold swim suit was extremely surreal and beyond my wildest dreams. I don’t think anyone imagines themselves in a gold swimsuit in fact. Ever.

Nerves came into play. But, you managed them. Do you think you were better equipped for this interview process than a young model?

I did struggle with nerves but tried my best to enjoy every minute. I am not sure if the experience would be easier if I was younger, but I think it helps being a little wiser and little more relaxed as I didn’t have to compete with anyone. I was able to be myself which was a really nice feeling.

Raising two beautiful girls, what are the three biggest lessons you hope you taught them?

I always try to lead by example and raise the girls in that way. I think my latest modelling endeavours has taught them that anything is possible. In life, if you work hard and have a healthy lifestyle it really can pay off.

And one tip you gave them about skincare?

My tip is always put sunblock on. Drink lots of water and feed your skin from the inside.

How do you care for your skin?

I care for my skin by eating well and trying hard to get enough sleep. I don’t think all these expensive creams do much. I believe you are what you eat.

Lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next? In other words, who inspires you? Motivates you?

Annie Leibovitz & Helen Mirren. And the queen.

xx frank

Who inspires me? The queen. You should get down and dirty with her.