You know what’s ironic, babe? For an area of your body that’s so small (your underarms), there seems to be an overwhelming number of rumours and myths circulating about how to take care of the area. And I get it babe, I do. #letsbefrank, it reeks of misinformation. I’m here to debunk and defunk the ones about switching to clean deodorants.


Pits out, tits up, let’s talk about it. 


Clean Deodorant Myth 1: There is a ‘purging process’ that comes with the switch to clean. 

It’s not purging, babe. Let me break it down for you. When you use aluminium, you’re blocking your sweat ducts. When you go aluminium-free, you’re no longer blocking these ducts, so letting your body do its natural thing. That might mean more sweat at first. But this does not mean you will smell more, because you are not purging. It’ll settle down after a while as your body gets used to sweating again. Facts. 


Clean Deodorant Myth 2: There are ingredients that stop you from smelling.

Kind of. You see babe, your sweat doesn’t actually smell. It’s the bacteria on your skin that interacts with sweat to cause the smell. Less bacteria, fewer smells. 


Clean Deodorant Myth 3: You need to use a lot more product for clean deodorant to work.

Not true babe, I work as effectively as any other roll-on. Minus the irritating and gland blocking ingredients. Roll on the same amount you would regularly. 


Clean Deodorant Myth 4: Clean deodorant isn’t suitable for sensitive skin.

Oh, but the contrary babe, especially when it comes to my Clean Deodorant. I’m made with naturally derived ingredients and safe synthetics to keep you soft, hydrated, and free from irritation. No matter your skin type. So you can get rough how you like it, knowing your delicate pits are taken care of. 


Well, now you know the whole truth. I’m the man. We’ve busted the myths, and babe, you are the legend.


frank xx