Check yo'self.

Check yo'self.

#letsbefrank, this blog is a little different to what you usually see from me. Because this one’s from my Mummas. Over to you, babes.


We’re Jess & Bree, two of the co-founders of frank body.

We don’t get serious too often, as you’ll notice from our overuse of tiny animated booty icons, but sometimes we need to – especially when it comes to our health and the health of women around us. As the owners of a business that speaks directly to one million young women, we believe it’s our responsibility to tell you something:

Check yo’self, babe.

This month frank body is supporting #brightpinklipstickday, a campaign run by Pink Hope. We’re donating all profits from our Lip Duo sales for the month of September to this wonderful organisation. Why? Because we’re babes at risk.

For me (this is Jess, here), I come from a family with a scary history of ovarian cancer. It claimed my Grandma’s life after going undetected for years, it has forced one of her daughters to have a hysterectomy and has meant I’ve kept a nervous, watchful eye on my own health as someone with PCOS. The work that Pink Hope does, encouraging young women like myself to come face to face with their risk in order to better prepare themselves and take control of their health, is something I am so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to support. I want women not to fear going to the doctor like I did for a long time, but to buckle up and be a brave babe that takes control.

And now it’s me, Bree.

We’ve been looking for a charity to partner with for a while now. After meeting Krystal and hearing about the work Pink Hope does supporting those at risk of ovarian and breast cancer I knew we’d found the one. Seeing the devastation and fear this disease instills, makes me proud to be able to support Pink Hope in their fight to change that. The work Pink Hope is doing is vital for all women; for our mothers, sisters, friends, and importantly the next generation. Having a conversation with your family and knowing your family’s medical history is a simple step you can take to know your risk and take back control. The ‘I’d rather not know’ mindset needs to change. And the way to change that is through having these conversations.

We hope you support us by helping us by telling your best babes to ‘check yo’self’ and getting your lips ready for #brightpinklipstickday with our Lip Duo.

With love and coffee,
Jess & Bree

(Pst, it’s frank again. You can see all the deets about this partnership here. There are also some other babes I’d like you to meet.)

Check yo'self.