Wake up to a man, not to leftover makeup.

It’s 3am: the party’s over and you’ve made it home, somehow. You stumble to the bedroom, ready to curl up into the foetal position. You pick up the makeup wipes and suddenly your skin jumps off of you and runs away.

Sleeping with makeup on is just as bad as sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend – it comes back to haunt you. I’m talking spots, dullness, redness. Skin like that salami pizza you just devoured. So I’m going to make it simple. This is how you take your makeup off (thoroughly) when you can’t be f**ked.

Get comfortable.

Yup, those 5 inch stilettos can go. And that bra, too. Less is more, babe.

Get stuck in.

Scoop up some coconut oil and massage it around your face. This will dislodge all those false eyelashes, glitter, highlighter, mascara & purple eyeliner.

No coconut oil? Let me get stuck in with my Creamy Face Cleanser. It’s made from charcoal that detoxifies your skin. Basically, it removes all the crap that’s made its way into your skin, which can cause havoc on the outside in a few days time. Use me twice if you went a bit too mental with the foundation brush.

Get steamy.

Pop your head over some steaming water to open up your pores. This removes even more gunk. Win.

Get smooth.

With my Creamy Face Scrub. It’s made with coffee grinds and coffee seed oil to wipe the slate clean and smooth over those lumps & bumps. It also gets your blood pumping to give you rosy cheeks. So you look like you make good life decisions, like hiking, for example.

Get hydrated.

One glass for you, one for your skin. Dehydration is a big cause of skin issues. That’s what can make you oily and patchy, all at once.

My Glow Mask drenches your skin in hydration thanks to shea & cocoa butters, while a concoction of berry goodness pumps up brightness & radiance so you look less dead.

Finish with my Everyday Face Moisturiser. This seals the moisturisation deal so you won’t wake up with tight skin, that feels like a deep-fried dim sim.

Get to bed.

And pop ‘frozen spoons on your eyelids’. That’s one way to cure a hangover, according to one of my frankfurts. For more hangover tips head to the frankfurt hangover manual.

My hot tip? A scrub with my Peppermint Coffee Scrub. It gives you the tingles, just like that bartender. Wink.

x frank

Wake up to a man, not to leftover makeup.