#letsbefrank, isolation has been a wild ride for all babes.


Some of you have been Netflixing & chilling while others have been getting their hands dirty: elbow deep in cake batter, tie-dying hoodies, and making DIY versions of your favourite beauty products.


I like you either way: on the couch with your hair down or getting busy with your sleeves rolled up. But this is a BSA: a Babe Service Announcement. When it comes to making your own beauty products at home, leave the coffee scrub to the experts.


5 reasons why you should save ‘DIY’ for tie-dye, not coffee scrub. 

1. I get it babe, it’s fun to play scientist in your kitchen or bathroom. But when making any natural DIY beauty product, you shouldn’t keep the mixture longer than a day. When you store natural ingredients without the right preservatives, stuff like bacteria can grow. And like your favourite cheesecake forgotten in the back of the fridge from last month’s virtual dinner party, things can turn nasty, fast.


2. On that note, it’s important to scrub for a long time, not just once. When you commit to scrubbing 2-3 times on-going, more results start exposing themselves. Wink. After a few scrubs, babes say I help reduce dry patches and soften skin. But with long-term scrubbing and massaging, I start to take on deeper skin concerns like stretch marks, breakouts, scars, and cellulite. Leave the mixing and packaging to me. And save that time for other activities. Like baking banana bread or actually scrubbing.


3. With my scrubs, you get more bang for your buck. Instead of paying a few dollars for a one time DIY fling, my Original Coffee Scrub is $16.95 (£12.95) for at least 8 uses. When you break it down, that’s $2 per scrub, making my scrub more affordable than your one-off DIY brew. Plus double (scratch that, triple) the benefits your homemade batch can give you. But I’m not a mathematician. I’m more into chemistry. And between you and me, we’ve got buckets of it. 


4. That’s right babe, I’m your friend with benefits. My scrubs not only exfoliate but moisturise too. Each scrub has a delicate blend of coffee grinds to buff away dry skin, natural oils to restore moisture, and vitamins to heal and protect. Plus each scrub has unique extra goodies like Aloe Vera to soothe, Organic Cacao Extract to nourish, and Jojoba Beads to polish dry skin without harming the planet.


5. My scrubs have been tried and tested for years by my army of frankfurts, as well as millions of babes across the world. They get results, and the proof is in the pudding Instagram posts. With over 80,000 5 star reviews, I get comments like “This is my favourite scrub ever”, “I am a NEW WOMAN”, “Love love love this scrub”, and “I am on my third bag”. #letsbefrank, I aim to please. 


So save yourself the trip to your local cafe, and get dirty with me instead: the body scrub to end all body scrubs (if I say so myself). 


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x frank