There’s nothing scarier than a babe armed with glitter.

There’s nothing scarier than a babe armed with glitter.

Halloween is my kind of holiday: it’s when babes can wear nothing at all and call it a ‘costume’.

But if you’re going to transform into something, why not transform into a sexy sea creature, #letsbefrank.

How do you do that?Like all underwater romances, it starts with me… and a little help from my babe Mandy from @hellomandyb.

In between takes, I asked Mandy about how she finds makeup inspiration:

“One day I was tidying up my room and found these amazing incandescent nail glitters I’ve had for ages and the idea just came to me. I then looked for images on Pinterest and Instagram and gathered a few of my favourite looks together and came up with my own version! I’m always full of ideas when it comes to Halloween. I’ve also been getting a lot of inspiration from Snapchat filters lately. There are so many looks I’ve been wanting to try out.”

#letsbefrank, no babe wants a horror breakout. How do you take care of your skin afterwards?

“I give my skin a good deep clean with the Original Coffee Scrub and Creamy Face Scrub. You can never go wrong with original! Then I drench my skin in the amazing Body Cream, perfect combo with the scrub.”

My only rule is that ‘no pants are the best pants’. Are there any rules around Halloween makeup?

“Honestly I don’t think there is a no-no for Halloween. It’s one of the only times in a year when you can dress up as whatever you want without being judged! Well, maybe don’t dress up as a clown, just for your own safety ;)”

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a red nose babe. As long as that’s all you’re wearing. Honk.

x frank

PS: I scare the pants off of a lot of babes. You can see their expressions @frank_bod.