So Taylor, what do you say?

So Taylor, what do you say?

Love her or hate her, you all end up talking about her. #letsbefrank

I mean look at her – she’s a babe: she’s got some of the best vocals around, hugs Kanye even after he does a ‘Kanye’ and she isn’t afraid of falling in love.

So how do I get her to fall in love with me? By getting you to help me scrub her, of course.

But first, here’s five reasons why I love Ms. Taylor Swift.

#1 Harry Styles is the subject of multiple songs, and to be honest, I am fine with this. He is talented in areas I am not, (and vice versa). I’m sure he’d be the kinda guy who’d like to scrub.

#2 She’s loyal to just about everyone, so it seems. She remembers each of her relationships and friends and consequently sings about them. Does that mean she’ll sing about me? One can only hope.

#3 Lady Gaga (fellow #frankcrush) is Taylor’s friend – maybe. She recently tweeted, ‘Don’t worry Taylor, you will find love’. She was clearly talking about me.

#4 The lob suits her. Admit it, she rocks the long bob. Not everyone does. I like it.

#5 She believes in love which means she believes in me.

In fact, after all this, I feel as though we could be the making of her next hit single. Scrub Style, perhaps? Scrub it off?

My favourite musical instrument is the harp, but I feel like if we met, I could be convinced otherwise.

So Taylor, what do you say? More importantly, frankfurts, help me out:

I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of seeing what our wedding photos would look like. #letsbefrank

I’ve uploaded a picture of me and Taylor on Instagram here. Tag her account and join the petition for us to scrub. This time I’ll thank you later.

xx frank

So Taylor, what do you say?