I’m taking your bod higher than it’s ever gone before.

I’m taking your bod higher than it’s ever gone before.

You’ve managed to distract the attendant so you can get those extra suitcase kilos in. I’ve talked you through jet-setter style. Now, it’s boarding time. A time that’s fun for you, but not so fun for your skin. Here are some pointers to keep your bod bangin’ right through to landing.

Bare all.

I love it when you bare all. But hold off your nudie run until we land. I’m talking no make-up. Just you, el natural. Cleanse your face with my Creamy Face Cleanser to flush away nasties and replenish moisture levels. Then lather two layers of my Everyday Face Moisturiser to lock in hydration. When you’re on board, add a fresh layer of moisturiser every 2-3 hours to keep your skin hydrated. At only 80mL, it will fit in your carry-on too.

Water over wine.

I know, I know, I sound like your mother. But I’m here to take care of you babe. So that’s ½ litre of water for every hour on board. If you can, make the most of the drinks cart. Pick up some soda water, tomato juice and green tea as well. Just what you need to wash down that cheeky wine (if you must).

Lip service.

That’s not with the nearest Norwegian. Well not yet, anyway. Keep that pout perfect with my Lip Scrub & Balm Duo. Buff away dry skin and finish with a slick of my petroleum-free lanolin-based Lip Balm for a pash-worthy pout. Now where’s that Norwegian?

Touch down.

Or ‘rubdown’ as I like to call it. Now we’ve arrived let’s beeline it to the hotel. I’m in holiday-mode babe. Time to tear open The Grind High Club and make our way to the tub. Four mini coffee scrubs in one handy travel kit. I’m up for it day or night. Let’s get this holiday fling started.

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xx frank

I’m taking your bod higher than it’s ever gone before.