I got down and dirty with Sheila Perez: a massage therapist with a magic touch and unique method. She’s massaged famous babes like Naomi Campbell and Kaia Gerber, helping them tone and own their bodies. 


Keep reading for the inside scoop. 


First things first, do you like coffee?

I love coffee in all ways. My day starts with coffee to energise, of course. My day ends up with coffee too: taking care of my skin with exfoliation and other skincare. For me, coffee is life. 


Me too, babe. Now, onto your technique. You use lymphatic drainage to help babes tone their bodies. But what is it? 

Lymphatic drainage provides so many health benefits. It eliminates toxins from your body, makes your body work better, accelerates your metabolism, and it provides you with more energy. 


What are the results of lymphatic drainage?

The results are a less bloated body, elimination of toxins, your body performing better, a toned body and more energy.


Who can do it?

Anyone can do it. Unless you’re physically unwell. If a person is physically unwell they are not allowed to have a lymphatic drainage massage. But in general everyone is able to take part.


Time to name drop. Which celebrities have you had on your massage table?

There are so many! Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber, Leslie Ann Brandt, Sharon Stone, Leny Kravitz, and Phil Collins, to name a few.


So, I know what happens in your massage sessions, but what happens in your bathroom? 

Well… my bathroom is so important to me. And this time is so important to me that in my home I have my own bathroom and my husband has his, because my amount of creams is something absurd. I love taking care of my skin, I love to exfoliate once a week, body & face. My bathroom is my sacred place, my temple. 


Quick answer: Perky Hydrator or Booty Drops? 

Both, because each one has its own uses.


Got advice for any babes who want to tone and own their bodies?

Drink lots of water, eat healthy food, exercise, play sports, and use products for your skin type. And massage once a week. That’s very important!


Finish the sentence: when life gets dirty, it gets…

Hot! In my opinion, life should be “dirty” everyday… ha ha ha!