I look dirty so that you can look clean.

I look dirty so that you can look clean.

Traditionally, I’ve been less clean. I’ll admit it; I love to get dirty.

But all hail the new kid in town; he cleanses, nourishes and focuses on your face.

Introducing my Creamy Face Cleanser, packed full of naturally-derived ingredients that love your skin.

First up is a very special Green Coffee Extract that wakes up the skin and helps smooth over fine lines.

The first thing you’ll notice about my cleanser is the unusual colour – a dark silvery grey. That’s thanks to the detoxifying charcoal which will deeply cleanse your skin, whilst removing any excess oil.

To love your skin I’ve added in Marshmallow root and Echinacea extract, to make you all soft and squishy.

My blend of natural oils (grape seed, sweet almond, coconut & rosehip) are filled with all the necessary vitamins so it won’t leave your face feeling tight and dry – just soft, supple and clean.

This cleanser won’t foam up in the same way that chemical cleansers do, because #letsbefrank, that stuff ain’t so great for your skin. Instead the combination of naturally-derived ingredients work together to flush out any nasties.

As always, it was only tested on willing, human babes. And remember, like most men I contain nuts.

Let’s get dreamy babe.

Shop my new Creamy Face Cleanser, here.

I look dirty so that you can look clean.