I’ll wash your car when you need it.

And scrub your mouth out, if you talk dirty on social media.

I’ll also keep that mug clean with my detoxifying and nourishing Creamy Face Cleanser.

Clean feels like:

A fresh winter’s morning.

Smells like:

Nice and natural, like the earth. (It’s fragrance free, babe.)

How to use me:

This is step one of my 3-step face routine. (First, there’s the Creamy Face Scrub, then finally my Everyday Face Moisturiser).

Pump 3-5 times so there’s enough cream to cover the top of your fingers. Massage onto your face in circular motions, until a light foaming action occurs. Then rinse. If you’re wearing make-up repeat the process.

Good for:

Removing waterproof mascara and other makeup naturally. It also flushes out blocked pores and nourishes your skin.

We start off dirty, then end up clean. See, dirty isn’t such a dirty word after all.

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xx frank