Who doesn't judge a book by it's cover once in a while?

Who doesn't judge a book by it's cover once in a while?

This babe was totally up for the quality time we spent together. She not only made me sparkle, but move and scrub – all at once. I learnt a lot from Brooke Greenberg; and I think you frankfurts will, too.

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

B: Honestly, I think about how many more minutes of sleep I can get! But, when I finally wake up I think about the projects I am working on.

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

B: I check my email & social media. It’s a bad habit, but I love it! And coffee… I also love coffee.

f: You studied sustainable design as part of your degree. How did you find this?

B: I became intrigued with sustainable living in high school when I took an environmental science class. I taught my mom’s kindergarten class about recycling & worked with a student group in college that made our campus more sustainable. When I found that I could integrate that passion into my design degree I was on board!

f: Does this still impact your work today?

B: Not currently. It’s still something I live my life by & I hope to find a way to bring it back into my work someday soon.

f: You are the queen of a GIF. Favourite one to date?

B: My “Magical Nails” GIF lately. Magical, colour-changing nail polish is an invention that needs serious funding. Kick-starter, anyone?

I can’t wait to see mine #letsbefrank.


f: Dream client to work with?

B: I would love to work with a magazine! Being an illustrator for WIRED was a huge dream of mine as a kid.

f: You grew up in sunny LA. Hows the lifestyle?

B: Truth is, sometimes I feel like a tourist. I’ve lived in LA most of my life & I’m still discovering what I love about it. LA offers so many ways to live; there isn’t a particular lifestyle.

f: When you’re not designing, you are….?

B: Playing video games with the boyf! He is a game designer so I’m constantly play-testing his creations & replaying classic games for inspiration.

f: You call yourself a perfectionist. I like that, it means you won’t miss an inch of your bod when scrubbing #letsbefrank. What do you notice your perfection ways most in?

B: I just try to do the best I can in any situation. Being a perfectionist has taken on a negative connotation recently, and I’m taking it back.

f: You like a hat or two – what’s this all about?

B: I do wear many hats metaphorically speaking. Having an architecture degree & working as a graphic designer means that I’ve learned about many different facets of design & I enjoy exploring all of them.

f: Tell me about your beauty regime. Products? Techniques?

B: My beauty regime is all about simplicity & laziness. Sleep is SUPER important to me. As far as products go, anything that moisturizes & is natural is a-okay. Coconut oil is a go-to for dry spots. I never bothered to learn much about makeup, so I use as little as possible with the exception of some mascara or lipstick.

f: With a designers eye, do you ever pick on packaging? I won’t judge, I promise.

B: Who doesn’t judge a book by its cover once in a while?

f: Do you have a #bodylove quote?

B: No apologies.

f: And finally, who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

B: Kevin Barrios (buzzwerd.net) has been my boyfriend & best friend for more than 6 years now. Sometimes high school sweethearts work out 😀

Kevin, you’re on my list. Maybe I’ll get you both scrubbing, together. #couplesthatscrubtogetherstaytogether.

xx frank 

Who doesn't judge a book by it's cover once in a while?