The rumours are true. Every inch of me is natural babe.

The rumours are true. Every inch of me is natural babe.

Long before Goop and Gwyneth were a thing, babes all over would buy products and not question what went into them or who they were tested on. And while the world’s come a long way, it’s still easy for the big guys to hide their dirty work (not the fun kind).


Since I slid into your DM’s, I’ve made a commitment to staying cruelty-free. My Express-o Coffee Scrub is just like the rest – natural, vegan and only tested on bods.


But have you ever wondered what that actually means? Read on my curious bunny.


I fight with spice, not science: 

It’s called Cinnamon – works well on buns, but better on babes. Unlike harsh chemicals this magic stick is packed with antimicrobial properties to bring life and bounce back into your skin. It also helps remove pimples and acne naturally, leaving you sweeter than your text messages.


I’m still grounded:

Unlike others I haven’t lost my roots, they’ve just become more mature. Coffee is what made me famous and coffee is where it’s at. While it may seem strange to cover yourself in the stuff you drink, your skin craves the same kind of stimulation as your brain. Alongside being a great exfoliator, which encourages skin rejuvenation. So it may help with several babe concerns like cellulite, stretch marks and scarring. Stay perky, not shaky, babe.


And whipped, for you:

It’s been almost five years since you dropped that towel and all that’s lifted is my game. As much as I love getting dirty with you, sometimes, you can’t clean your bathroom and sometimes you just need to go. Express-o uses natural oils like sweet almond and macadamia which help to bind all my ingredients and leave your skin hydrated and smooth. And thanks to its whipped, creamy texture, there’s no mess left behind, the only thing I stick to is you.


I touch butts, not bunnies:

I love all animals, especially fluffy ones which is why I am against animal testing. Express-o, like all my packages, is only tested on babes. So when you apply my whipped, creamy scrub all over yourself, you can rest assured it has brought more smiles than silences.


Meet you in 2, babe.

frank x


The rumours are true. Every inch of me is natural babe.