I have my pink whistle. And I am not afraid to blow it.

I’m not like other coaches: I expect pink sweatbands, high socks and even shorter shorts. I don’t think your personal bests need to take place in the gym or on a track. So I’ve come up with ten goals we can all work towards right now. Because #letsbefrank, you’re already fit. (winky face). All I want you to do is snap them as you check these off your list.

A personal best can be:

… dancing until 5am.

This one requires stamina, determination and an excellent playlist.

… keeping hydrated. Between drinks.

You need initiative and forward planning. No headache the next day? That’s a podium finish, babe. Also, I mean water between your wines. Not vodka. To be clear.

… eating 12 donuts in one sitting.

This is one where you will need to pace yourself, babe. Donuts with cream may not be such a wise choice. Try cinnamon instead.

… stretching: your budget for a new pair of shoes.

This one requires creativity. If you wear the shoes to a job interview and you get it, that’s a win. If you wear the shoes on a date, and you score another personal best… enough said.

… lunging for that last piece of chocolate.

Test your response mechanism. No babe wants to live with regrets.

… taking a dip. In a rooftop pool.

Challenge yourself to con the doorman at your city’s most exclusive, members only rooftop pool. You’ll need charm and wit. And #letsbefrank, you’ve got both.

… working the barre.

Both bars require poise, subtle movements and standing on your tippy toes for the best results.

… trying dips – with celery.

Instead of corn chips. Now, that’s a challenge for my salty babes.

… bench pressing – your best friend.

Horizontal love of a different kind.

… taking the incline. Up the slippery dip. In heels.

You need to record your achievements. And this would make for a good one.

Whichever personal best you aim for, I’ll be with you every step of the way. I’m the only coach who – once you sweat – will help you scrub. That’s why I created my limited edition Fit Kit for fit babes (and ones who workout). My Peppermint Coffee Scrub to flush away the nasties that cause workout breakouts and my Body Balm to get you soft and shiny in all the right places.

Hit a new personal best? Let’s see it on social. Physical exertion not compulsory.

x frank