Like dating on Hinge, there are some acids that are more suited to you than others — and we’d like to help you swipe right on the one that’s going to give you a smooth impression (and a happy ending).

Introducing your two bachelor acids; glycolic and lactic. Let’s get to know them.


Favourite movie: Crazy Stupid Love.

Weekends look like: Hikes with weighted backpacks.

Drink of choice: A dry gin martini with a twist.

You’ll find them in: Glycolic Body Scrub, Smoothing AHA Body Lotion.

An alpha-hydroxy acid (or AHA) that’s more humble than an alpha, glycolic is a real sweetheart — because it’s found in sugarcane. Of all the acids in the land, this one is used most to treat hyperpigmentation thanks to having the (trimmest) lowest molecular weight, allowing deeper penetration into the skin’s layers. Powerful and strong, glycolic won’t be a stage-five clinger — they melt the skin cell adhesions that cause ingrowns.


Favourite movie: Harry Potter, from start to finish.

Weekends look like: Bikram yoga.

Drink of choice: A glass of pinot.

You’ll find them in: Smoothing AHA Body Lotion.

Another alpha in-town, these AHAs help to remove dead skin cells, help fade dark spots, and soften fine lines. Recently, scientists have discovered that lactic and glycolic are super similar and treat the same types of conditions like acne, keratosis pilaris (KP), and photoaging — but lactic is much less irritating for those who are on the sensitive side. This is because it takes things at a slower pace, and although it’s an effective chemical exfoliant, the considered approach ensures it doesn’t do any damage along the way.

Both acids are good for KP, acne prevention, and hyperpigmentation. But if you’re a little sensitive, pick a date with lactic, and if you’re known for ingrowns, take out glycolic. Get flirty.