Natural feels
as good as naked.

I'm stripping down all the jargon
to give you the truth on natural skincare.

Natural feels
as good as naked.

I'm stripping down all the jargon to give you the truth on natural skincare.

topless girl with coffee scrub on back

4 good reasons to switch to natural skincare


Natural skincare is safe.

#letsbefrank, babes love a bad boy. And just like your ex, toxins are rampant in skincare. Your skin’s pores are like tiny little mouths gobbling all these toxins up. The result? Breakouts, rashes, and potentially more serious long term damage and health issues.


Natural skincare gives you ‘that glow.’

The “I eat kale, regularly” glow. My natural ingredients are chosen because they work together with your body to nourish and repair your skin. This gives you that natural babe’n glow.


Natural skincare keeps the mermaids happy.

As a general rule natural ingredients are better for the environment as they come from the earth not a lab. I don’t contain any microbeads or any nasties that could muck up the planet.


Natural skincare sweet talks sensitive skin.

Your skin is like ‘one of those friends’. It’s happy one day, flaky the next. Natural ingredients like coconut & rosehip oil feed your skin to cool down inflammation, irritation, redness and breakouts, gently. Like a therapist.

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Why coffee?

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I'm natural, naughty and ready to get you naked.


Coffee Scrub

$16.95 CAD

The natural body scrub that made me famous.
- Good for cellulite, scars, and stretch marks.
- Coffee Grinds exfoliate.
- Almond Oil keeps skin even + soft.
- Vitamin E protects skin.