My formula is made up of coffee, cookies and cream.

My formula is made up of coffee, cookies and cream.

#letsbefrank, winter is a marathon. And babes, we’re halfway through.

I started this season by giving you a frank guide to surviving winter, then some spotify playlists to keep the energy levels flowing. Now it’s time to focus on you.

For your bod.

Hopefully you’ve been around me long enough to know that a babe’s got to moisturise. But over-moisturising without a fresh surface to start with does more harm than good. If you see your skin starting to flake it means you have a build-up of dry skin cells. Instead of slathering more moisturiser on, exfoliate instead. *Cough, cough. I believe this is my cue…

Enter: my Cookies & Cream skincare kit, winter’s finest duo. My Cacao Coffee Scrub to buff away dry skin with its blend of Robusta coffee, organic cacao and natural oils coupled with my rich and moisturising Body Cream. A hydrating mix of coffee seed extract, green tea and shea butter to deliver serious moisture when your skin needs it most.

For your face.

Now let’s work on that mug of yours. While your bod gets some protective layers of clothing your face has to endure arctic conditions. And babes tell me, lips are the first thing to feel the effects. My Lip Duo scrubs away chapped lips and replenishes lost moisture. Plus, it tastes like sugar, sugar.

For your hair.

I know how this goes: babe washes hair, babes styles hair, babe goes outside and returns with a birds nest on her head. Your locks need some winter love. I recommend less shampooing and more conditioning. Apply some of my Body Balm on distressed split ends to lock in moisture & seal the hair fibre in between washes. A pea sized amount is all you need. Add a pink beanie. Cute.

And finally, for you.

Marshmallows. In a hot chocolate, or a hot cacao for my raw babes. Cacao gets you feeling fine. You can read more about the health benefits of cacao. While the sun takes a bit of a vacay during winter, it’s important to still get a little warmth in your life. Fewer daylight hours mean our skin can’t get the Vitamin D it needs. My advice is to take advantage of any gentle sun exposure you can get: open up the blinds when you wake up, take a walk outside, and do those sun salutations – in the sun. Alternatively, orange juice is a great source of Vitamin D. Try having a glass of it with breakfast to top up your daily dose.

Whenever you feel a little cold, just remember – I’ll warm you up.

xx frank

My formula is made up of coffee, cookies and cream.