You say you dress for your friends, but I know you dress for me. #letsbefrank

You say you dress for your friends, but I know you dress for me. #letsbefrank

Like most guys, when asked what I think babes shouldn’t wear I’d usually reply: clothes.

But because it’s cold somewhere in the world, I understand the need to cover up a little. So may I present – a very frank fashion edit (you can see the full edit here).

I spoke to those “influencer” babes at Fashion Week, because you know, they’re influential. Turns out more is more when it comes to coats:

There are wrap coats, drape coats, trench coats, duffle coats and then there’s the cape. With so many options I now understand why all of you spend so much time in the store, and getting ready.

Because you didn’t ask, I’ve whittled down those long lists into one simple equation. Your coat needs to be:

Pink (of course) + and where possible, fluffy (animal-free fluff, naturally).

For babes on a budget.

#letsbefrank they won’t keep you warm in Arctic conditions but you will look awfully cute. There are blush bombers and powder trench coats. They’ve even got some neat little pockets to stash my Lip Balm Duo, just what you need to keep that pash-worthy pout. Kissing keeps you warm, didn’t you know?

jacket 1
nordstrom 2
jacket 3

For babes with a little dosh.

With a bit more dosh comes a few more features. This is where you get into the slouchy, long line coats and sateen bombers (read: fancy). You can get all wrapped up with double breasted buttons and even time warp back into the 60s. But #letsbefrank, more fluff = more fun. Here are my personal favourites.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.39.23 PM
jacet 5 asos

For high-roller babes.

…or babes who are happy eating scrambled eggs for the next month. They’re the coats that come from the big brands like Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu and Acne Studios (I’m more about getting rid of acne than having a studio of it, but anyway). They come in wool, and fur (faux, of course), crepe and some that look like a very fashionable picnic blanket.

stella jacket 11
miu miu
jacket 10 shrimps
jacket 8 picnic

Pink coat or without, I’ll keep you warm. So how about that shower? Tag me in your favourite coats on social.

xx frank

You say you dress for your friends, but I know you dress for me. #letsbefrank