Frank Body’ babe wheeling her pink suitcase through hotel. She is about to use her travel skincare kit, The Grind high club. The mini travel satchel contains four coffee scrubs in four scents.

We can ride this one together babe

We can ride this one together babe

Hour one: Things are getting humid.

We’ve all been there. Trying to fit all your limbs onto a seat that’s probably meant for a small child. #letsbefrank, you’re going to be here for a while so might as well get as comfortable as you can. Your skin’s ideal humidity is between 40 to 70 percent (on the ground) but most airplane cabins sit at 20 percent. That’s not the best news. The result? Dry, flaky, red skin. The answer: Water (and lots of it). Skip the face mists (the water evaporates from your skin which can just make dryness worse) and head to the drink station.


Hour two: You may experience a strange sensation in your fingers and lips.

Dry skin doesn’t just live on your body. It also works its way to your lips and cuticles. Lucky for you, my Original Lip Duo can help both. Made with lanolin, coconut and grapeseed oil, I soothe cracked, chapped lips with intense hydration and a protective barrier.  Apply to dry lips for a hydrating boost or massage into fingertips to restore them back to supple softness.


Hour three: Welcome to grease.

Lack of fresh air and increase of humidity see your body reaching for hydration the only way it knows how: oil. Take your moisturizing routine in-air with my Caffeinated Face Moisturiser. Natural, lightweight and made to fit in your handbag, I’m the perfect travel companion if I do say so myself. Thanks to my cocoa and shea butters, I’ll lock in your skin’s moisture, so it will never feel dry, but without feeling heavy & they don’t cause breakouts.


Hour four: Refuel.

You’ll be eating, snacking and drinking your heart out and so you should babe, you’re on holiday after all but sometimes, too much of a good thing is a bad one. Inactivity, coffee and salty plane food causes an increase in water retention, which is why you may experience bloating, cramps or just a general blahh feeling. Get up and walk while you can, or better yet, exercise once you land. I hear the best workouts happen in the shower 😉


Hour five: Close the blind.

No one wants to arrive sunburnt before they’ve had a chance to tan. You might be off the ground babe but you’ve never been closer to the sun. UV rays are more intense at higher altitudes and with thinner air, the barrier between the sun and your skin isn’t as strong. Introducing your new BFF: SPF sunscreen. You’ll be spending the next several hours getting to know each other through careful and intense applications. You can thank me later babe.


Hour six: Take a chill pill.

Flying is fun but it can also be stressful, especially if you’re a babe that gets anxious. All these internally worries eventually expose themselves onto your body in the form of breakouts and while a cream can’t calm down your brain, mindfulness apps, music and meditation can help to. Make sure you look after that precious brain too, babe.


Save me a seat babe.

frank x