#letsbefrank packing is a b**ch. I’m here to take out the pain… and make it a pleasure.

I see it now: you’re standing in a sea of clothes (read: a 10-hour-long-decision-worth-of-clothes). You see the suitcase and by your brief calculations, it’s mission impossible. This is where I step in to save the day.

Know your limits.

When you’re on holiday yes. At the airport, no. There are luggage limits, babe. Suss out your airline and get the scales ready. I know you love surprises, but #letsbefrank excess luggage isn’t one of them. I don’t want you to leave that itsy-bitsy bikini at home, so I’ve created something that fits in your suitcase and carry-on, The Grind High Club. Four mini coffee scrubs in Original, Coconut, Cacao and Peppermint in one reusable travel satchel. At only 50g each, they won’t weigh you down.

All about that base.

Gather those wooden wedges (and those studded, laser-cut biker boots). But remember less is more. Think about where you’re going and pick your favourites. Get all of the heavy pieces and place them at the bottom of your suitcase. It’s a good chance to reassess your toiletries bag too. You don’t need much make-up babe. I love you with nothing on.

Stop, drop and roll.

You’ve learnt to do this in desperate times, this is one of those times. Roll each item into a tight bundle and place into the suitcase. Get into all those little nooks, it will mean more space to bring back those purchases that you just had to have.

When 2-become-1.

A Spice Girls song… and a good way to pack shirts. If I had arms I would iron out your shirts on arrival, babe. But I’m just coffee-based skincare, so I can only help you out where I can. Fold both shirts into each other so they each act as padding. Then once we get our scrub on, hang out the shirts in the bathroom to pull them into shape. The steam will smooth out the creases, so there’s no need for an iron.

But if all else fails, be nice to the check-in lady.

xx frank

#letsbefrank packing is a b**ch. I’m here to take out the pain… and make it a pleasure.