Whether she’s breaking down barriers or building up boundaries, Brooke Blurton is a force for good. She joined Jess and Bree this week on Self(ish) to talk about how self (awareness) plays a major role in turning 30, her childhood, and sexuality.

Understand thyself to better understand others. An easy first step is to take a few personality tests. Don’t take them as gospel, we’re far more nuanced than a quiz could ever interpret, but they’re a good base to leap from.

You’ll discover so much about how you think, feel, and react by journaling. Feelings can be fickle and confusing, but burrowing deep into them by writing about them can help us understand them more. These are my top picks from Milligram.

To be frank, we all have layers. 

Invite them to dinner and get to know them better.

Listen now.