No, your face does not want another Dorito. Donut try to convince me.

No, your face does not want another Dorito. Donut try to convince me.

When it comes to food, there are some things we’d rather not know.

That your favourite canary yellow corn chips don’t actually contain any cheese.

And that sour squirms are not actually made from glow worms.

Unfortunate, I know.

Skincare products are kind of the same. And whilst babes can’t always be good there are some ingredients you can look for to make your skin all glowy, naturally.


Just what you need to face the morning. Literally.

Arabica coffee seed oil is like an espresso for your face. It kick-starts the cells under your skin to get moving so they tidy themselves up and make your complexion look more even. It’s also high in antioxidants to fight off free radicals (that’s pollution, babe).

You simply can’t get enough coffee in your skincare, that’s why I use it in all of my products, in a variety of ways.


#letsbefrank, have you ever come across a sad berry? Didn’t think so. They’re always bouncing on your granola and bouncing out of the packet. This energy makes a pretty good combo for your skin.

Goji berries (or Glowji berries as my mummas call them) are the wisest of the berries. They were once thought to make you live forever. Nowadays, we use them in skincare because they firm, tighten and plump up your skin. #skills.

Raspberry seed oil is just as sweet. It’s high in Vitamin E which is the stuff that makes you look younger, so you’ll always be asked for ID.

And then finally, there’s cranberry seed oil. It contains vitamins and fatty acids which are full of brightening goodness so your skin can get all turned on… like a light switch. Ding.


Good on bread, good on babes.

Shea butter is dull skin’s BFF. The high concentration of Vitamin A moisturises and nourishes the skin so it makes you feel super soft, just like whipped butter. And look just as delicious.

Cocoa butter is like a big hug – just how chocolate is on those cold winter nights. It makes those scars look not so aggressive; soothes angry, dry skin; and just makes your skin look and feel healthier. See, chocolate can be good for you.


They put the sizzle in your body-izzle. And face, too.

First, the queen of the oil kingdom: Coconut Oil. It drenches your skin in moisture, while still allowing it to breathe, so it’s great for skin that’s prone to breakouts.

#letsbefrank, babes can’t get enough of this stuff, that’s why I made a Coconut Coffee Scrub and Coconut Body Balm for my nut-free babes. #thatsjustthekindofguyiam

Next up, my European friend: Olive Oil. Will shout ‘bella’ out to you, frequently. It gets deep into the layers of your skin to hydrate & promote a healthy glow, while also protecting it against the outside elements. Also tastes good with pasta.


#letsbefrank, pink makes everything better. That’s why I use Pink Kaolin Clay in some of my products. Kaolin soaks up unnecessary oil and toxins, gently without stripping your skin of moisture.

Before you attempt to whip up this recipe, hold up.

I’ve done it for you, babe.

You can get all of this in my new morning Glow Mask.

A hydrating mask that gives back to your skin in just 5 minutes.

At $21.95 (or £15.95 ) plus free shipping, it’s cheaper than visiting the organic aisle.

x frank.

No, your face does not want another Dorito. Donut try to convince me.