I want to give her the world.

I want to give her the world.

If you’ve had your head in coffee scrub (that happens) you may not realise that Australian babes have the opportunity to vote for marriage equality. This would mean lesbian / gay / transgender / any babe with any sexual orientation would, be able to get married, just like a man and a woman. It’s a pretty big deal down under, so to express my support I called on photographer Charlie Brophy. Together we went into the homes of three couples from the LGBTIQ community in Melbourne, Australia to find out what love is to them. Here’s Milo & Brooke’s story.

How did you meet?

Brooke: We both knew of each other for a while, we both studied contemporary dance at the same university, although I graduated the year before Milo started, so it wasn’t until the start of this year when we were both involved in the same dance project did we actually get to meet. The rehearsal process was a great way for us to discover a friendship, and that there was a spark between us. It took until the end of the project for us to take it any further, so there was this slow build up of us discovering how we slotted together, and eventually, how much love we could have for each other.

Who hogs the bathroom?

Milo: Brooke is very efficient in the bathroom, while I prefer taking my time, so usually who’s in the bathroom is never a problem. Though we usually shower together, and magic baths are one of our self care methods, so the bathroom is never off limits while the other is in there. In fact I love it when I sneak off to shower in the morning, thinking Brooke is still asleep, but then she comes and joins me right at the end!

Do you know each others’ coffee order?

Milo: I like going on coffee runs in the morning, so I’ve got Brooke’s order down to a T: soy latte with 1. I don’t really expect Brooke to remember mine because I always order different things! Like with most things, I’m very particular about what I want in that moment.

What is love to you?

Brooke: I remember the first time I told Milo I loved her. I took her on an extravagant date, we were at this stupidly fancy desert restaurant, and I just had to say it. I think when caring for one another, and wanting the best for one another became natural expressions of who we are, that’s when we knew we were in love. It feels so natural and easy for me to do all I can to be the best version of myself for her, and to want to give her the world.

How are you feeling about the marriage equality vote?

Brooke: On one hand, I know this whole process has been really painful and traumatising to a lot of people and has brought up lot of public hatred and bigotry that we wouldn’t normally see. The fact that this plebiscite exists feels so dehumanising and frustrating to a lot of queers, and frighteningly has the potential to be a lot of political hoo-hah which, seeing that the government isn’t obliged to act on anything no matter what the outcome of the vote is, could ultimately be for nothing.

One positive spin on it though, it’s been pretty amazing for us to walk through Melbourne holding hands and seeing so many signs of support on homes, businesses and shop fronts everywhere. It’s made us feel really empowered to be proud and openly being able to express affection in public together.

If it does go through, I’m crossing my coffee beans for you that it does, how will it change the future of LGBTIQ people living in Australia?

Brooke: Hopefully, marriage equality is just a start. Marriage is definitely not the most major issue facing queer people today. Although having marriage equality is a powerful symbol for or community, to feel as if our rights are being included in this country, our community is still facing disproportionate unemployment rates and suicide rates compared to the rest of the country.

Will you get hitched? If so, how do you imagine it?

Milo: Would Brooke and I like to throw a big queer party to celebrate our love for each other? …YES PLEASE! Fashion, music, art, performance, food – all things that our loved ones can share with us and each other. It would be somewhere beautiful in nature, fairly isolated. As long as I get to be by her side all day and night, sharing in these pleasures, I don’t see how it wouldn’t be perfect.

Thanks Milo & Brooke.

Feeling all loved up? Here’s another couple to keep the positive vibes a flowing.

But if this is rocking your world and you need to talk to someone, here are some people who can help.

For Australian babes, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

For American babes, NDMDA Hotline 800-826-3632

For UK babes, call Mind on 0300 123 3393.

Whatever you need, babe. I’m here for the good times and the dull times.

x frank.

I want to give her the world.