If you're going to have a baby, remember that you're also going to have a human.

#letsbefrank, I’m aware that you babes plan your weddings’ on pinterest boards. You also dream about the twins, triplets or perfect child you’re all going to have. But, a word(s) of advice: take it slow. Below, a list of all the things you want to do before you get hitched and have little ones.

Marriage. And babies.

Remember that time I talked about that time of the month? You seemed to like how… frank I was.

Pardon the pun.

So on behalf of all men, I’m entering un-trodden ground again.

Babes, seriously?

I don’t get what you’re all hanging out for. Diamonds are great and all but so is being single.

Exhibit a) you can buy whatever you like without someone looking over your shoulder. And spend that marriage budget on whatever you like, too.

Exhibit b) you can eat as much kale as you like without being made fun of.

Exhibit c) you can stick with your girlfriends who can in fact, read your mind.

Exhibit d) you won’t have to look after a thirty three year old who’s dying got a cold.

But if you must get married, make sure it’s the last thing on your to scrub do list. There’s a whole life to be lived before you live it with someone else.

And finally, make sure your wedding is a love party, ok? Just like @sticksandstonesagency did. We all know that one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party, after all.


To babies.

I’m one of those guys who think that the carriage doesn’t have to come after the marriage. #letsbefrank

Whatever floats your boat, really.

But if you’re going to have a baby, remember that you’re also going to have a human:

A 7-year-old with attitude.

A 16-year-old with attitude.

A 33-year-old with attitude.

A 55-year-old with attitude.

Babies aren’t temporary – they’re even more work than puppies. They’re also not a Band-Aid.

Find a guy who’s so great – almost as great as you – that you want to make a miniature version of you and him. And raise it with the following:

Manners and patience.

Kindness and generosity.

A bath and a shower. And a scrub.

xx frank

Images via @sticksandstonesagency

If you're going to have a baby, remember that you're also going to have a human.