A babe is a babe for who she is, not what she is.

A babe is a babe for who she is, not what she is.

The Anti-Casting Call is here.


I’m looking for a frankfurt to feature in my

next campaign.


The catch? I’m casting based on who you are inside,

not what you look like.


After all, what makes a babe a babe is the kind of

person they are & the positive impact they have.


The Anti-Casting Call is the opportunity for you to feature

in my next campaign and to use my platform to

spread a message important to you.


To enter you don’t need any headshots,

bikini shots or any photos at all.


You just need to answer one important

question; what’s a message worth sharing?


Enter here


Competition closes October 16 5pm AEST.

Winner announced October 18 by 5pm AEST..


Still have questions?


How do I enter?

With words, here.


The winner will get a call back as decided by my judging panel.


Who are the judges?

Yasmin Suteja from Culture Machine. The biggest artsy babe I ever did see.

And Mia Kang – half MMA fighter, half model, full bad-ass.


Why are you doing this?

It’s time to put a frankfurt in front of the world and a babe platform to talk about what matters.


Where will the shoot happen?

Some surprises are best left where they belong: around the corner or on Saturday October 16.

So please don’t make a date with someone else. And don’t worry babe, I’ll take care of everything, even if you live on an exotic island.


How will you choose the winner?

Like love – when you know, you know.

But I appreciate a babe who shares my values:  honesty, individuality, understanding smarts


When will the winner be announced?

October 18 on my Instagram and via email.


Don’t waste your words or your time, they’re important.

Good-luck, babe.

frank x