My mama's told me so.

Mummas should be celebrated every day but today I asked mine for some sage advice for all my babes.


One: Tell me something you wished you heard more of growing up?

Bree: It’s ok to mess up.


Two: What advice did your mama give you that you live by?

Bree: A girl always needs to have an escape plan; no one is going to save you if you can’t save yourself.


Three: What’s something you do now you never thought you’d do when you were younger?

Bree: Run a company. Make skincare. Eat mashed potato and love it.


Four: Hardest lesson you had to learn?

Bree: Not everyone will like you and that’s ok. I’m still coming to terms with it.


Five: Something your mama gave you that your grateful for?

Bree: My steadfast independence, my thick hair and love of polka dots.


Six: If you didn’t name me frank, what was the other option?

Bree: Piccolo. Which I still drink every now and then.


Seven: Something you want all frankfurts to know?

Bree: Kindness is a powerful attribute. Don’t underestimate it.


Eight: What’s something our babes should do for their mama’s?

Bree: Tell them how grateful they are for everything their mamas have done and continue to do. It’s a selfless job.


Now go give yours a big squeeze.