One: Leave last week’s tan in the past.

You can’t start a party if you’re stuck in the past. You should also leave your tan there because that stuff’s patchy. Start fresh babe, the night’s still young. My Birthday Cake Scrub removes patchy tan, dry skin and skin nasties to keep you feeling smooth and smelling sweet.


Two: Hydrate before you pre-game.

With my pal H2o and my Body Balm. Both will leave you glowy not spewy. If you’re feeling extra try my Magic Shimmer Oil, it’s dry but hydrating and leaves you shimmering. Magic.


Three: make an entrance.

You want to arrive in between that sweet spot of late but not lazy. A few hours into the party when everything is bubbling along nicely and the only drama of the night is debating what cocktail to have next. Arrive at this time, and you’ll make an entrance where everyone sees you and keep the awkward small talk to a zero. I also here my Cherry Bomb Lip Tint makes the perfect date for such occasions.


Four: In an attempt to make an entrance you’re late by 6 hours.

Lucky for you, I perfected just the quickie for situations like this. Get a full body workout in half the time with Express-O Scrub. My no mess scrub express is packed with coffee and cinnamon to remove dry, flaky skin and fight bacteria in half the time. So even if you arrive late, you’ll be glowing from across the room


Five: let your face do the talking:

Wink for drinks. Make eye contact for conversations. And glow, even if you’re faking. My Glow Mask makes the perfect base pre-makeup and post-makeout. Thanks to all that snazzy shea butter, it hydrates skin to bring out your natural glow meaning make-up slides on a dream without looking cakey, or takes everything off without stripping anything away.