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Eat. Sleep. Mask. Repeat.

Eat. Sleep. Mask. Repeat.

Glowing skin: it’s like the cherry on a skincare sundae.

While I can sweeten your journey to the top, I also like to call on my VIBs (very important babes) to let you in on their skincare secrets.

So I asked New York based beauty babe, Jasmine Garnsworthy, to let me in on her secret to glowing skin.

And like all good stories, it started with a Victoria’s Secret model.

Well, that’s got my attention…


A couple of months ago I was pressing Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd in an interview, imploring her to share with me her secrets for perfect skin. You can basically see this woman glowing from the other side of the room, so I wasn’t leaving the media launch without answers. While I had Strijd cornered she rattled off her beauty routine as I effusively complimented her skin and took notes: Moisturize regularly, check; drink water, check; eat healthy food, check. The more she spoke, the less likely it seemed she was going to serve up any novel tips for me to try—but then she came out with this: “I put on a mask [for] 15 minutes in the morning.”

‘Ah, morning masking—now we’re onto something,’ I thought.

Very obviously a 15-minute face mask every day is not the difference between me and Romee Strijd. The girl’s got a clear genetic advantage when it comes to glowing skin. However, her entire mindset around AM wellness flipped my own regimen upside down. I’ve followed a strict, all-natural evening skincare routine for years now and always exercise at night, but neglected to do much more than splash some water on my face, swipe on some makeup, and sprint for the subway in the morning—clearly oblivious to the opportunity I’d just missed to look a little more like a supermodel.

Since that conversation I’ve started caring more for my skin and body in the morning—and it’s paying off. By setting my alarm a little earlier, adding just a few more steps in each morning, and being intentional about looking after myself first thing each day, my skin’s now looking glowier than ever.

The first thing I introduced to my morning routine (obvs) was a face mask. After washing my face with an oil cleanser, I lather a thick layer of Frank Body Glow Mask over my face, neck, and décolletage (a celeb makeup artist once told me that tip!) and let the antioxidant-packed goji berry extract and hydrating shea butter marinate into my pores. You only need to leave it on for five minutes, which is just enough time to write my morning to-do list at the kitchen bench while my boyfriend makes us smoothies. We use filtered water, dates, flaxseed, a dash of vanilla, banana, spinach, and a ton of ice, and blend until it’s super frothy. If you freeze the banana first and blend like crazy, it tastes like a (very low-cal) milkshake. Almost.

I wash the mask off with a face towel soaked in hot water, but let the towel steam my skin a little first.

Yeah it looks weird, but I swear that sitting on the couch with the hot towel steaming your face is the only right way to start your day. It also opens your pores, softens the skin, and creates the perfect environment for my Customized Beauty Oil from The Buff—step two—to be applied and absorb. I use a jojoba-based oil which is fast-absorbing (so you can apply makeup quickly), won’t block your pores, is antibacterial, and I’ve found can really help with both acne and dryness.

Before applying makeup, I’m back in the kitchen. This time it’s to down a concoction of herbalist-recommended supplements to support healthy skin and hair, balance hormones, boost my immunity, and support the adrenal system to avoid burnout. This regimen includes silica, iron, zinc, a probiotic, fish oil, Vitex, vitamin D, echinacea, licorice, Siberian ginseng, and B vitamins.

After applying a SPF mineral-based tinted moisturiser, a cream bronzer from One Over One, and doing my lashes and brows, most mornings I will head back to the couch, curl up, and meditate for a little under 20 minutes (I’ve written about the benefits of this amazing practice zillions of times).

Today, my mornings are virtually unrecognisable from this time last year—and in the most positive way possible. So if that’s not a reason to corner your favourite celebrities at any given opportunity, I don’t know what is.


So it all comes down to your morning routine, beb.

Not a morning babe? I’ll help you get past snooze.

Still struggling? How about a coffee?

Unlike your barista, I’m open 24/7. Wink.

x frank.

Eat. Sleep. Mask. Repeat.