Ready to be a lymphatic massage fanatic? 

What is a lymphatic massage?

Have you ever been sick with a cold and noticed swollen lymph nodes; those slightly disturbing lumps under your jaw? That’s your lymphatic system getting rid of toxins and waste.

The idea behind a lymphatic massage is to encourage the natural draining of the lymph.

The benefits of lymphatic draining

Lots of people enjoy these massages for their sculpting effect on the body. Babes report feeling tighter and brighter post massage. 

Other supposed benefits include:

  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Improving your mood
  • Helping with headaches and constipation
  • More energy and less brain fog

It’s like hitting the reset button. 

How to DIY a lymphatic massage

Remember, babe. It’s not a deep tissue massage, so forget about undoing knots. Lymphatic massages are gentle, slow, and intentional. Think of it like a yoga sesh.

You can jump in the shower and massage with my Rosehip Body Scrub & Cleanser. This creates some slip for your fingers as the scrub lathers into a rich, foamy cleanser. 

Have an at-home spa day while draining your lymph at the same time. Win-win. 

Start with the neck.

In the soft hollow above your collarbones, stroke downwards ten times. 

Then place your hands behind your ears and stroke down your neck lightly. 

Stroke upwards from your elbow to your shoulder, then press underneath each armpit three times. 

Do your lower body

Press three times in your groin on each side.

Using a closed fist, lightly stroke upwards from your knee to groin, eight times each side.

Squeeze the back of your knees, then stroke from your foot to knee ten times. 

Time for the tummy

Press your palms flat on the area between your hip bones, then stroke around your belly button. 

Lightly pinch all over your belly to finish. The whole thing should take about 15 to 20 minutes. 

After the massage

After a lymphatic massage, you want to prioritise hydration. Use my Rosehip Dry Body Oil either to moisturise or to do your lymphatic massage out of the shower. 

If achieving sculpted, softer skin is your goal, then using my rosehip duo together is the best way to go. Rosehip oil has anti-ageing properties and is rich in vitamin C to encourage collagen production in your skin. This is what keeps your skin bouncy.

Pairing a lymphatic massage with my rosehip products is a double whammy when it comes to benefits. So get rubbing, babe. 

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