Holiday season is a time of parties and pashes.

Holiday season is a time of parties and pashes.

I’ve got hot tips for hot babes on the party circuit. It’s all about strategy, babe. And I’m here to be your wingman.

Hot tip 1: Prepare or beware.
Set yourself up for success by being organised: have a game plan for getting home, a safe place to keep your phone, keys, money, and most importantly, lip balms, and give yourself time to prep your skin. My Shimmer Scrub exfoliates babe’s bods for smooth skin while leaving a shimmery glow. It’s the perfect pre-tan exfoliator if you’re a babe who wants to glow, glow, glow.

Hot tip 2: H20 is your BFF.
A party is a marathon, not a sprint, #letsbefrank. You’re going to need all the hydration you can get, babe. Because you love wine and wine loves you. Fair enough, you’re a babe. But it’ll dry up your skin faster than you can say “another glass”. Drink up: the water kind. Your hangover will thank me tomorrow morning. So will your skin. Trust me.

Hot tip 3: Keep your babes close.
You might know the buddy system. I’m more into the babe system. Take a +1 or be someone else’s. Decide what your secret code words and faces are. Not having fun? Sleazy boys? Need a quick escape? Wink, pout and say peace out together.

Hot tip 4: Shake (or cleanse) away the drama. 
#letsbefrank, I’m all about the afterparty. And the afterparty sleepover. Time to debrief on the night, on whether or not Jake was flirting with you, and get cuddly with your best babes. But first, take off your makeup with my Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil and wash away the drama from the party. It’s hard enough to face the world the morning after without a brand new pimple.

Holiday season parties are survival of the fittest. And by fittest, I mean smoothest. Keep up your stamina, keep calm, and when everything goes to sh*t, at least you’ve got me to help you through it.