Glowing on the outside means looking at what you’re putting inside.

Glowing on the outside means looking at what you’re putting inside.

Everyone knows a healthy body starts on the inside, even me.

Natural, effective products help you towards your goals for clear, glowing skin. Supercharging their effects with a diet that’s designed to make your skin happy just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Cut out refined sugars and processed foods if you want to fight breakouts.

That means goodbye white carbs that contain few nutrients: bread, rice, flour and regular potatoes.

That doesn’t mean you say goodbye to carbs all together, it means you switch to wholemeal varieties.

What can you add to your diet to fight acne?

  1. Foods rich in fatty acids and Omega-3: salmon, flaxseeds & walnuts fight inflammation – that’s redness and swelling.
  2. Foods rich in antioxidants: spinach, green tea & berries fight free radicals that cause breakouts.
  3. Foods rich in Vitamin C: oranges, melons, strawberries & tomatoes boost your immune system and fight off infections, helping to heal acne.
  4. Foods rich in Vitamin E: eggs, leafy greens & olive oil can help protect your skin from scarring.
  5. Foods rich in selenium: almonds, garlic & brazil nut fight inflammation thanks to their high levels of antioxidants.
  6. Foods rich in magnesium: oatmeal, brown rice & figs will help control your hormone levels as well as help you sleep better and repair muscle faster.
  7. Keep up your water intake: 2-3 litres (or 1 gallon) every single day. No excuses. Get a big bottle and fill it up each morning. Keep one at each of the places you spend lots of time: home, work or school. Eat foods that are full of water like cucumber and watermelon for extra hydration.

So what should your day look like on a plate?

Breakfast: Wholemeal toast with avocado & eggs. Two glasses of water. If you must have coffee, try it black. 2 glasses of water.

Mid-morning snack: Handful of unsalted almonds. 1 cup of green tea. 1 glass of water.

Lunch: A salad with leafy greens, tomato, goats cheese, walnuts, cucumber 1 glass of water.

Afternoon snack: Chopped fruit: watermelon, strawberries, oranges and melon. 2 glasses of water.

Dinner: Salmon + spinach, sweet potato & broccoli. 1 glass of water.

Dessert: I get it, babes have a sweet tooth. But did you know that when you’re craving sugar it’s because your body needs a top up of healthy fats? Try chopping up figs and heating them up on a fry pan for 30 seconds and then pop them on top of some coconut yogurt. 1 glass of water.

Now, let’s scrub.

xx frank

Glowing on the outside means looking at what you’re putting inside.