Donut tell a babe what to do. Unless you have a donut.

Donut tell a babe what to do. Unless you have a donut.

#letsbefrank, babes are always being told what to do: when to call him, when to drink your hot lemon water and when ‘contouring’ is a thing.

So when it comes to this face mask business, I’m not going to ask you to do anything with my new morning Glow Mask.

Instead, I am just going to lay out all the facts.

Don’t use a face mask if…

You want pillow face.

Crinkled, faded and with a bit of drool on it. If that’s your look my new Glow Mask is not for you. You would hate the bright, bouncy skin the raspberry seed oil and goji berry extract gives other babes.

You want to look dead.

You like dull, lifeless skin that screams I need a coffee. #corpselife is your go-to hashtag.  So you’d better keep that plumping coffee seed oil away from your hollowed out cheeks.

You want your boss / teacher to know you went out last night.

You’re going to wear those bags under your eyes like an influencer wears Gucci: everywhere.

You want another dull, mundane morning.

Your version of a fun morning is doing your tax return and eating cold toast.  You don’t want to smear my new Glow Mask all over your face and dance while you wait for it to do it’s thing. That’s no fun at all.

You want a face mask that’s high maintenance.

You want skincare to be a marathon, a hard slog. You want your mask to take 8 hours to work. And you definitely don’t want some face mask telling you you can get all the benefits of an overnight mask in just 5 minutes.

How does that sound, babe? Not so keen on the corpse life?

Well, you should use my new Glow Mask if:

You want a face that’s brighter than an Insta filter.

You want plumped up skin that’s feels as fresh as a berry.

You want to glow in just five minutes – not five hours.

And you want a hot, steamy man on your face – every morning.

But don’t take my word for it: here are some babes from Allure and Hello Giggles to tell you more.

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Sit back babe, I’ll do the rest.

x frank.

Donut tell a babe what to do. Unless you have a donut.