Let’s get to know each other, babe.


Do you experience breakouts?

  1. Hell yeah
  2. I’ve never ever EVER had a pimple


If you answered B, then you’re probably a unicorn. As in, are you even real, babe? But if you answered A and you want to know what your options are, keep reading. Because I’ve got a secret weapon for acne-prone skin. 


It’s called Tea Tree Oil. 


This ingredient might not be brand new information, but it’s time for a refresher on the benefits of Tea Tree Oil. Because it’s proven to kick acne’s butt. I did my research, babe. And I’m ready to take your questions.


Question 1: Where does Tea Tree Oil come from?


I love a good origin story. This one’s all in the name. Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree. It’s a natural antiseptic and is native to my home: Australia. 


Question 2: What are Tea Tree Oil’s benefits for skin?


Glad you asked. Because this bad boy has heaps of them. 


It calms down inflammation. Red skin surrounding your bumps? Meet inflammation. Tea Tree Oil is an effective treatment for inflamed, acne-prone skin.


It helps all kinds of acne. Breakouts, whiteheads, inflammatory pimples; Tea Tree Oil does it all. 


It’s moisturising. If you’ve got acne-prone skin, you know dryness and irritation doesn’t help. Tea Tree Oil is moisturising, resulting in less irritated skin. And babes. 


Question 3: Does Tea Tree Oil help acne?


Get the regular zit? Check. Are you often inflamed or red? Check. Got a face? Check. Tea Tree Oil and pimples go together like brunch and babes. 



Question 4: How do I use Tea Tree Oil on pimples?


Tea tree oil uses vary, babe. On its own, it can be used twice a day. In another product, like a body scrub, I recommend scrubbing 3-4 times a week. To truly see the benefits of Tea Tree Oil, let’s talk about long-term commitment. Skincare experts recommend using Tea Tree Oil for 6-12 weeks for long-term gain.


Question 5: What products can I combine with Tea Tree Oil?


I love ingredients that can play nicely with others. Tea Tree Oil goes great with other oils, called carrier oils. These help dilute the strong tea tree oil and deliver it directly to your skin, moisturising you in the process. 


Question 6: What frank product contains Tea Tree Oil?


My Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask. Whipped to use as a scrub for smooth skin. It also doubles as a mask for clear skin. That’s when my Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil really do their thing. And you can get back to doing yours: selfie-ing, Tik Tok-ing, and general babe-ing.


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