'no shirt, no shoes, no problem'.

'no shirt, no shoes, no problem'.

I have always wanted to live in Hawaii. However my mamas and papas said no. So I decided to live vicariously through beach babe, Giovanna Tonzillo.

She took me for a hike, and then a scrub in the wilderness. It was an adventure, and we all know how I like #averyfrankadventure. We spoke all things vegan, inked a few tattoos and all whilst wearing a bikini.

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

G: If I am 100% honest – what am I going to eat. I am not really a breakfast person so becoming vegan was a huge help as it encouraged me to appreciate fruits more. Right now we’re in winter, so I am eating a lot of persimmons and pomegranates.

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

G: Eat breakfast. I try and eat as early as possible for my digestion. I am not a huge coffee person, I find myself a little bit afraid o it to be honest. My body rejects it rather than noticing the energy others get.

f: You live in Hawaii. Every girls dream. Tell me a bit about this lifestyle?

G: It is so awesome, relaxed and slow paced. The weather is always beautiful and the people are so great and friendly. I feel like everyone is here for the same reason, which is just that; the lifestyle. I’ve been here 4 years now, and at first it definitely took some adjusting. It has made me grow as a person, and been such a great learning experience.

f: Give me an insight into your day-to-day activities?

G: I have two jobs – a surf school, and also Hurley. I love both of them for different reasons. The surf school has me up at 5am and finishes around 3.30. I try and do a run, beach workout etc after that, otherwise I go home and get lazy. Hurley is at nighttime, so I tend to spend time during the day with my boyfriend at the beach, or fishing. I am always outside when not working. I could probably safely say I spend 85% of my time at the beach.

f: You seem to spend a lot of time in bikinis – #letsbefrank I’m not complaining. Are bikinis acceptable work attire in Hawaii?

G: Oh definitely – ‘no shirt, no shoes, no problem’. Any grocery store, all fine. There are of course some places where you have to be a bit more dressed up.

f: Anything Hawaii doesn’t have to offer?

G: I must say I do miss the shopping. Here, it is mainly tourism based shopping. Also I find the customer service isn’t great as people tend to just want to be at the beach – I don’t blame them.

The other thing is that health food options are slightly more limited. The fresh fruit and veg is available, however it tends to be more costly. I tend to go off island quite a bit, so get what I need there.

f: You have a couple of tattoos. What is their significance?

G: The angel wings on my back were just after my uncle passed away. It was kind of tactical, as I was only 16 and I needed my dad to a) pay for it and b) OK it. So I knew if it was for a significant reason I could win him over.

I grew up in New Jersey, making my who I am today. I spent the majority of my life there, so that kind of made sense.

I have a quote on my left hip bone – ‘to love is to live’ in Italian.

I then have a ‘hamsa’ for my birthday and symbolising protection, and a pineapple on my wrist as my dad and sister call me pineapple.

f: Anymore on the cards?

G: I think I will eventually be covered. I am working on a sleeve however at this stage I am not sure what it will consist of. I didn’t use to like them, but I have now fallen in love and you could say I am somewhat addicted.

Remember babe; you can scrub lightly over your tattoo to maintain smoothness #thefrankeffect.

f: You are studying to be a PT. How is this going?

G: Very slowly, but I am enjoying it. During summer I kind of put it on the back burner, but I have began picking it up again.

f: Biggest thing you have learnt so far?

G: I guess how intricate the body is. How everything connects and intertwines some way to each other. You body is a crazy vessel. I do the whole course online, and follow along with the dvd. I’m lucky to have the opportunity.

f: What outdoor sports do you partake in?

G: Still trying to master surfing – I do want to learn and improve however it is more just about fitting it into my day. Hiking is definitely my favourite thing to do outside – my boyfriend knows some awesome places to go explore.

f: You spend your life in the sun and heat. Tell me about your beauty regime and how this fits in?

G: I am super basic with both my skin & hair. To be honest, the only thing I use other than the basics is you, frank. I use tanning oil at the beach, and moisturise after the shower or using sun lotion. I wasn’t much into face wash until my sister forced me.

f: Do you notice your skin change if you travel to cooler locations?

G: I don’t notice so much here in Hawaii as the season changes are so slight. However when I travel I do notice that my pores open up like crazy in the cold.

f: Average day on a plate?

G: I’ve been vegan for 7 months now, and I’m really loving it. I have never felt better in my body or my lifestyle. I have fruit for breakfast, and often for lunch. I also have lots of leafy greens, but I try to keep my meals mono & simple. You body digests the food best when you’re eating one food solely. Dinner, I tend to be raw until 4; and then I love crispy potatoes or vegan curry. I also have a strangely weird homemade ketchup & lettuce obsession.

f: One cheat food?

G: My favourite sweets are marshmallows and cotton candy. Savoury wise however, I absolutely love pizza. I can make it vegan, or some places now offer it. It is just about being creative with the toppings.

f: Hawaii’s draw card local dish you love?

G: I don’t eat it, however it’s called Lao Lao. Meat or ish that is packed with fat, wrapped in edible leaves. It is then cooked underground and steamed, allowing the fat to melt in. You unwrap the leaves and it is juicy and tender – and apparently delicious!

f: Do you have a #bodylove quote?

G: Love it – whatever it looks like. You only have one body, take care of it. And it’s yours.

f: Who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

G: @censkiii – She is the epitome in beauty through her fitness and outlook on life. I like that she is open about the fact she often doesn’t exercise and/or eats badly. She is a real & true chick.

She sounds like a lot of fun. Just like you were. Thanks for the hangout, babe.

xx frank

'no shirt, no shoes, no problem'.