Dirty Talk with Ellen Stone.

Ellen Stone is the Head Stylist and Creative Lead at DISSH. She’s also a full-time babe. 


We got talking clothes and coffee: two of her favourite things.


First things first, what’s your go-to coffee order? 

“Double piccolo, every time.” 


Coffee, sorted. Now onto clothes. What’s a typical day at DISSH like for you? 

“My day starts at 4:45am for the gym (I don’t know why I do it either). Then I head to work via my coffee shop for that double piccolo and I’m behind my desk by 7:30am for an early start. I look after all the in-house design and styling, so my day is filled with anything from designing ranges, fitting samples, and styling photoshoots.”


What are a babe’s wardrobe essentials? 

“Linen everything and layered gold jewellery paired with a chunky sandal.”


What accessories can’t you live without? 

“Gold layered necklaces, huggie earrings and 70’s sunnies – all three are a necessity!’


How can my followers nail the 90s look with Dissh outfits? 

“Nail the 90s with DISSH Denim.  We’ve just launched our Summer Denim range, which showcases a fun update to your denim classics. Think mini dresses with waist ties and exaggerated sleeves. We’re obsessed with the contrast stitching and tonal shades.  

If you’re a linen girl, upsize in the Norah Linen Pant for a relaxed fit on the hips and pair them with the Iconic Knit Top.”


Now I know what’s in your wardrobe, but what’s on your beauty shelf? 

“By Terry Brightening CC Serum (game changer), Booty Drops (my new obsession) and the Original Lip Duo by frank body.”


How do you get your skin ready for summer? 

“With frank. Exfoliate & moisturise on repeat! My favourite is the Coconut Coffee Scrub, followed by the Butt First, Coffee Kit.”


Finish the sentence: when life gets dirty…

Drink a margarita (or five). 


Cheers to that, babe.