I could give you a list of totally frank-able blokes...

I could give you a list of totally frank-able blokes...

I’m gentle on his ink, but tough on his muscles. Basically, we’re the perfect bromance. I spent some one on one time getting dirty with Cleo Bachelor of the Year contestant and F45 Academy CEO, Daniel Conn. #letsbefrank, you babes will thank me for it.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up? Then, what do you do?

I usually go and grab my puppy, shower (frank it right up) then hit up my F45 Training Studio in Double Bay!

OK so you workout. Have you always?

Since I could walk, I was active. I’m a country boy so labour and being active was what I’ve always known. Just like my Dad, I can’t sit still I need to be active and working.

Do you play any team sports?

The way I train is always in a team during F45 sessions. I also used to be a professional athlete.

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

I wanted to be a footballer… I use to play footy in the paddock by myself… (My next door neighbour was a 30 minute drive away living in the country)

F45. I see the letter F and get distracted, #letsbefrank. Can you explain the difference between F45 training, opposed to regular gym circuits?

We are functional high intensity interval team training. We all train as a team and its scalable for any fitness level. We have athletes training with mums and dads and every one gets the best workout in the world. Our systems are never repeated and a session is NEVER the same as one previously in that week, let alone month. “F” in this case stands for Functional… or frank.

My babe wants to sign up to F45 – how does she do this?

Jump online and get a free pass and come and try it out… we don’t discuss price we just get people in for a session and they get addicted. Then after a week, they see the results and realise they can’t get what we have anywhere else in the world!

You recently were nominated for Cleo bachelor of the year. Tell me a bit about this process?

Yeah I thought I would try my luck… I have my mum and sisters voting every day… I hope hahaha otherwise I will be coming 30th out of 30.

My babes are wondering; does that mean you’re a single, eligible bachelor?

I sure am!

On that note, you fancy one of my babes. What do you do?

I’m bit of a shy guy sometimes… I love to have a joke to break the ice and make things fun… I think once you can break down barriers and just be yourself, that’s the sexiest thing.

What is the one thing you wish babes would stop doing?

Some babes wear too much make up – let’s keep it natural!

Do you get nervous at all behind the camera?

Naaaa – I’m strangely pretty sweet with cameras.

When you’re not at the gym, where are you?

At the beach with the puppy, back out in the country with the family or anywhere I can relax… or where there is food!

You’re often hot and sweaty. How do you keep your skin clean?

I do have to train and run around F45 studios all over the world so I pack some frank and I literally use it at all hotels and cities I travel to around the world… The stuff is the goods!

What’s your beauty regime like? Do you look for ingredients, or by brands?

I love my nice smelling aftershave and nothing beats the feeling of post training shower and a scrub which leaves you smelling fresh… As for certain brands, I have a few I stick to but they are top secret. 😉

And lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next?

I could give you a list of totally frank-able blokes… Matty Wilson (Neighbours) and Andy Papadopolous (Fitness Machine) are both my best mates… They’d love it!

xx frank

I could give you a list of totally frank-able blokes...