Always love what you're doing. You're not in the sport for the media exposure - you play the sport because you love it.

Always love what you're doing. You're not in the sport for the media exposure - you play the sport because you love it.

To the eye, she’s a babe. Beyond the eye, she’s an athlete, that models her long legs in some of Australia’s top magazines on the side.

After overcoming a life threatening condition, she makes the most of each and every day and the best bit, she chooses to spend some of it with me. #letsbefrank, I’m a lucky guy.

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up? 

A: What am I going to eat for breakfast…

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

A: Get up, make breakfast. Depending on how late I am running, decides what I’ll make. If I’m in a hurry, its cereal. However if I have a bit longer, I try to make a delicious breakfast of poached eggs with bacon and avocado on toast.

f: You’re balancing a modelling career, an elite level of ‘jumping’, a university degree and just generally being a young babe. How do you find this balance?

A: To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m doing a very good job at balancing it all. But, I just try to take it all as it comes and not stress about it. If you start stressing about balancing your life, that’s when you’ll become stressed and anxious about it all.

f: When stress is getting the better of you, what do you find yourself doing?

A: Every morning (or when I can), I like to meditate. I use an app called ‘Headspace’. It is honestly amazing. It helps prevent stress and you learn techniques on how to handle situations so you don’t end up as a stress head.

f: Why high-jump? #letsbefrank, I love it. But, it’s not your average sport. Where did this inspiration come from?

A: I really don’t know – I ask myself that same question. I sort of fell into the sport due to my lanky appearance as a child. My PE teacher put me forward for a local comp, and I ended up coming equal first and breaking the state record on no training. So, I thought I’d stick with it and here I am, 11 years later.

f: Do you ever struggle to get yourself up and to training?

A: Of course! I have days where all I want to do is lay in bed and eat chocolate and not move. But at the end of the day, I have a goal and that’s to make the Rio Olympic games. And to make that team, I have to put everything I have into my training.

f: Where does your motivation come from?

A: My motivation comes from myself. When I was 19, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour that almost took my life. So everyday since I’ve been thankful to still be alive and have no complications form the surgery. That’s what motivates me.

f: What advice do you have to others trying to get motivated and active in a sport that isn’t necessarily saturated in the media?

A: Always love what you’re doing. You’re not in the sport for the media exposure – you play the sport because you love it.

f: What do you do as a relief / time out from work and life?

A: I love going to the beach and reading a book. I’ve also just started surfing, so that’s top of my list at the moment.

f: What does your regular day look like?

A: Depends on what day of the week it is. However it involves an early start, either pilates or off to uni. Then I work, then train and the gym. I’m usually pretty exhausted by the time I get home.

f: How does your diet differ for your sport and modeling comittments? Do you ever find a conflict between the two?

A: Not at all. As I’m training all the time, I generally eat whatever I feel like, as long as it’s the right foods. I do have a huge sweet tooth however so that does occasionally get in the way.

f: You have a day off – everything. What do you do?

A: Depends on the weather. If it’s hot, you’ll find me at the beach and learning to surf. If it’s cold, I’ll be snuggling up to my significant other; watching either House of Cards, Suits or Game of Thrones. If I can’t do either, I’ll be sleeping.

f: As a model, and an athlete you have an appreciation for taking care of your body. What does your beauty routine involve?

A: What you put in your mouth will show on the outside. I’m always careful of what I eat, and I use amazing skincare to compliment this. It’s called Sodashi, and it’s also natural. I exfoliate my face and skin twice a week with you, frank. And then moisturise every night.

f: Any products or ingredients that are essential to you?

A: Well you, of course. And then my rosehip face mist is pretty essential.

f: Do you have a #bodylove quote?

A: Respect your body, and love your flaws. If you do these two things, you will always feel great about yourself.

f: Who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

The fastest 200m runner in the country, Ella Nelson. She has got a bit of a dirty mind so I think you’ll like her.

xx frank


Always love what you're doing. You're not in the sport for the media exposure - you play the sport because you love it.