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Dry, chapped lips? Exfoliate and hydrate with my natural lip balms and sugar lip scrubs

Sure, you can fuss over blending your eyeshadow, contouring your cheekbones, and finally perfecting that winged eyeliner — but nothing brings together a makeup (or no makeup-makeup) look quite like hydrated, plump lips. Because #letsbefrank, why accept anything less? 

No babe has time for chapped, cracked lips. Even the thought of it is enough to make you shudder. That’s why exfoliating and hydrating your lips is just as important as exfoliating and hydrating everywhere else. My wide variety of lip balms, glosses and sugar lip scrubs are the best addition to your skincare and makeup routine, and are guaranteed to give you juicy lips in seconds.

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Buff with my exfoliating sugar lip scrub

Suffering from chronically dry lips and looking for a chapped lips treatment? Let me revive them, babe. The first step in any lip care (or skincare) routine should always involve a scrub. My sugar lip scrubs slough away dry skin to reveal softer lips. Plus, a lip exfoliator will prep your lips so your matte lipstick will look smooth, not uneven over dead skin. Forget flaky lips, exfoliate your lips to be as soft as can be.

Hydrate your cracked lips with a clear, natural lip balm

There’s a reason why lip balms can be found in almost any babe’s purse. When you’re on the go and your lips need extra love, a clear, hydrating lip balm will come to the rescue. My Lip Balm has everything your lips could ever need, plus a little more. Coffee, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E smooth, soothe, and moisturise your lips to be as kissable as ever. 

Plus, a clear lip balm can be multi-functional. Dab it on your cuticles or other dry patches for instant hydration. Looking for something more eye-catching? A lip gloss like mine looks just as natural, but with a hint of shine without the stickiness.

Don’t get it twisted: Cheek and lip tints are perfect for moisturising dry lips too 

Now that you have silky soft lips, why not go a step further and add some color? My tinted lip balms are a great way to effortlessly enhance your makeup look. Looking for a natural, barely-there nude shade? My Taupeless lip balm should be added to your cart. Or are you more in the mood for a flavoured lip balm that’s your lip color, but better? My cherry lip balm is the perfect pinky-red hue. The added perk? My color-infused lip balms double as a cheek stain, so you can get ready in a flash. Pucker up, babe.


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