Coconuts, Oreos, hommus and me.

Here are the things that vegan babes love,

Sent from the vegan gods from up above.

Coconuts must be the first on this list,

Who knows what would happen if these beauties did not exist?

And while we are on the topic of nuts,

The milk from almonds makes a latte we trust.

A vegan girl knows about good nutrition,

grains, seeds and nuts are prescribed by her dietician.

You’ll see vegan babes eating this all the time,

hommus with every meal is never a crime.

But what about when she needs something sweet?

Well maple syrup or Oreos are the perfect vegan treat.

A vegan babe loves to take care of herself,

but with cruelty in mind she takes only ethical products from the shelf.

There is a guy out there who caters to the vegan girl’s needs,

He is free of animal products and only performs good deeds.

He’ll scrub you and smooth you,

You’ll get rough, dirty then clean.

When your pins are on show,

You will be thankful for the coffee bean,

The vegan babe loves frank,

A coffee scrub that is truly cruelty free,

He is tested but only on babes,

And that makes all the animals in the world very happy.

Coconuts, Oreos, hommus and me.