Unlike your ex, I’m not toxic.

When it comes to bad things in your life, such as cheeseburgers, your ex, and that Saturday night cigarette, you can’t have them all the time. Why? Because they always make you feel like sh*t afterwards.

Your skin is the same. It puts up with a lot of bad things such as winter wind tunnels and leftover makeup. So when it comes to the day to day, it doesn’t want to feel any worse about itself.

The solution? Natural skincare.

So, why do I need it?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs anything it touches. So if you’re smothering nasty things on it, it’s going to drag them into your bod. Not to freak you out, but some studies have found that these chemicals can cause big problems such as immune diseases, and even cancer. Your liver’s job is to get rid of a lot of these toxins, but why not keep them away, right from the start? That’s what natural skincare is all about.

But what does it do?

You know that glow some babes have? That “I’ve gone to yoga, meditated and saved a dolphin all before 7am” glow? Natural skincare helps you get there. It actually makes your skin healthy. It does this by using ingredients from nature – not from a science lab. They’re things you can find in your kitchen such as pomegranate, coffee or olive oil. They nourish and repair your skin which gives you that natural babe’n glow.

OK, you’ve sold me. So how do I get into natural skincare?

Start by looking at the product labels. Just because something says it’s natural, doesn’t mean it is. Here are some popular ingredients you can look for:

Shea Butter: great for moisturising your bod & face. It’s like a big glass of water that soothes dry skin from the inside out, leaving you as soft as butter.

Vitamin C: #letsbefrank, those chewy tablets taste so damn good. Your skin loves Vitamin C, too. Just how Vitamin C  fends off that cold, it fends off nasties that try to damage your skin and cause ageing, brightening skin in the process.

Rosehip Oil: Like a bouquet of flowers, for your face. Fatty acids repair the skin so you’ll look at bright as spring.

Coffee: wakes up your skin & helps it look clear & new. The result? Smooth skin that glows. Just like you after a latte.

I know my babes dig glittery concoctions that are far from natural, so I’m not going to tell you to change everything you do. But just how you drink a green smoothie after pulling an all-nighter, your skin needs some care, too. Natural skincare will do just that.

x frank