She makes me wish I was a wall. #letsbefrank

She makes me wish I was a wall. #letsbefrank

#letsbefrank, there is nothing like a good pair of pins. Well any pair of pins actually. Basically, on behalf of all men I have a few reasons why we want to see your pins. Go on, read on. Then apply.

Hey babe,

You’ve probably heard me say it once or twice, but I really feel the need to go into a little more detail about this issue.

It’s something that’s really close to my heart. And I think if we all work together on it, we could make our world a more acceptable place. And by acceptable, I mean a place where’s it’s ok to walk around sans pants. Always. Even at work. And the supermarket.

Now, I know there’s the whole issue of indecent exposure. But we’re not talking about getting butt naked- we can keep that to the shower, for just you and me.

I’m talking short-shorts. Really short shorts. Or bikinis. And while we’re at it, lingerie is a perfectly acceptable outer garment too.

What, you don’t believe me? Need evidence you say?

I am only too happy to oblige, babe. Please see below.

The way all babes (that includes those of the man variety) should dress for the supermarket. #letsbefrank

Oh look babe, your shorts match your towel. That’s cute. #ijustlikeyourbutt

I love a babe with an adventurous side.

I have always been very into leather and bikes. #iswear

She makes me wish I was a wall. #letsbefrank

I have an idea beb, let’s cut off all the legs on your jeans. #bondingtime

And who ever said a skirt on a windy day wasn’t a good idea? #thankyoumothernature

xx frank

She makes me wish I was a wall. #letsbefrank