There are 4 simple steps, just like baking a cake.

#letsbefrank, anything over 4 steps and you’ve lost me.

Call it my male attention span, call it ‘A.D.D.O.B.’ (All Day Dreaming of Babes), but I feel like some of you would agree with me.

So I’ve made my face range simple, which means more time for other things like Tindering, scrubbing and making a cake. All of which, would make a great date.

So here’s how you use my Pore-ifics Kit and morning Glow Mask together. Because fries are nothing without salt, #letsbefrank.

Step 1: Cleanse.

You wouldn’t bake a cake in a dirty tray, babe. So let’s clean it up.

Unlike your household detergent, my Charcoal Face Cleanser will clean your skin, without stripping all those important oils. It’s made with charcoal to draw out the bad stuff in your skin, while coconut, grapeseed and sweet almond oils give back to your skin.

Simply splash your face with water and massage me around. Remember babe, I won’t foam like other cleansers because I am au naturel. Now rinse. Just like cake, I am best enjoyed morning and night.

Step 2: Exfoliate.

The next ingredient is my Original Face Scrub. I’m a gentle exfoliator that’s tough on dry, dead skin cells and those pesky little bumps. My fine grind of roasted and ground Robusta coffee buffs away rough patches, while rosehip oil gives those laugh lines something to smile about.

Massage me around your face and neck for 60 seconds and rinse. I recommend using this side of me, twice a week for soft, dewy skin that’s bump free. Because #letsbefrank, no babe-cake should start with a lumpy mixture.

Step 3: Mask.

Now let’s heat things up a little, with a morning quickie. Get it with my morning Glow Mask. This is the sweet stuff to get your skin glowing in just 5 minutes. Pop me on twice a week and watch your skin get its bounce back thanks to a trifecta of berry goodness. The result? Cheeks as sweet as a glazed cherry. Yum.

Step 4: Moisturise.

No babe wants cake without icing, the same goes for your face too.

My Caffeinated Face Moisturiser is like sweet love for your sweet cheeks. I’m made from butter (Cocoa and Shea) and Vitamin E to make your skin so soft and sweet it could be nibbled on. But please, don’t. I’m best used under makeup..

And now, serve… the world, babe.

With cheeks that sweet, there’s no stopping you.

x frank.