Maybe you can read our mind, but I’m telling you, guys can’t read yours.

#letsbefrank, I think you’re all pretty special. But for reasons of love, not annoyance. Us dudes get it, you like to look nice. But sometimes that can go a bit far. Read on to see if you’re being a bit of a princess.

Friendships and relationships should be simple, just like me.

No fuss, no trouble, and certainly no loofas.

But sometimes we can all get a little caught up in our own heads and end up doing another’s in.

Fear not, my babes. I’ve come up with five handy tips to let you know if you’re being a prince(ss).

Try to avoid these at all times:

1) The triple message. We’ve all been in the situation where you’re waiting for someone to reply and they don’t within an acceptable amount of time.* Here’s a tip: forget about it. You’ve got better things to do than sit by your phone, like living your life, which the person on the other end of the line is obviously doing.

2) The always late. You’re fashionable- we get it. We on the other hand wipe some gel through our hair and walk out the door. Obviously we think you look you’re best when you’re in the shower, with no makeup or clothes. If you must, a white tee, denim cut-offs and pony will do.

Alas, if you must spend all that time getting your bits did, then maybe start early, so we don’t have to be late. Seriously babe, you look beautiful. Always.

3) The friend blocker. You know the best way to make a guy miss you? Is to spend some time apart. And the best way to do this? Is to encourage him to spend time with his friends, so that you can spend time with yours (at a scrub party, of course.) The most important thing in any relationship is doing your own thing, and being comfortable in your own skin. Duh.

4) The hand holder. Some guys get the holding hands, but some of us feel like we’re on a leash. Me? I don’t have hands, so I’m not one to judge. But if I did, I’d imagine it could get a bit clingy at times. I say choose your moments, and fill those paws with something useful, like me.

5) The mind reader. Maybe you can read our mind, but I’m telling you, guys can’t read yours. So next time we don’t know what you’re thinking, please don’t be mad. Better yet, just tells us from the start.

That’s it, ladies. I wish you good luck on your new journey as a low maintenance babe. You and your man can thank me later.

Should you slip up at any one time, remember one thing: Your presence should be a present, not a chore. The only thing that will redeem you from such behavior is obviously an invitation to scrub. #couplesthatscrubtogetherstaytogether

xx frank

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*30 seconds is not an acceptable amount of time

Maybe you can read our mind, but I’m telling you, guys can’t read yours.