Friendship is seeing each other naked.

Friendship is seeing each other naked.

#letsbefrank, my need for babes is slightly different to yours.

Without you, I am nothing. Nothing but a brown kraft bag full of something that looks like dirt. I may smell nice, but what is smell without someone to smother it on?

*thinking music with a pensive longing look into the distance*

It’s a horrible thought. All these scrub packets with no-one to tear the tops off. *shudder*

While I’m very aware of life without you, sometimes I wonder if babes know what life could be like without their fellow babes.

Do you ever stop to think about how lucky you are to have your awesome, babe’n crew? And what would you do if you didn’t?

Here’s why babes need babes:

Because: sunscreen.

Picture this: you’re on a beach. You smear yourself in sunscreen and contort your body into prime sunscreen back application position but you still can’t reach.


a. Ask the hairy man – who has been staring at you since you took off your top – to apply it.
b. You skip your back and burn. Then proudly showcase your permanent handprint to the world.
c. You phone a friend and she comes running with SPF50 in tow and a parasol to protect you from the creepy onlooker.

I call that a rhetorical question.

Because: stories.

Friends are like your personal historian. Don’t remember your 21st? They do. Lost your passport? They found under that bar stool. You graduated? They fixed your hat and that strange tassely thing. In good times and bad, they’ll be there for you. Because no good story started with: “I was alone in my room…”

Because: honesty.

A little tough love can go a long way. That’s why I came up with my coffee scrubs for your bod and some frank advice for your life. BFFs are no different. They’ll slap your booty when you say it’s too big, they’ll pull your dress out of your underwear when you leave the bathroom, they’ll pull the asparagus out of your teeth and they’ll swipe your phone before you can send a loved up message to your ex. Because #letsbefrank, if you want a little love from a man, all you have to do is ask (and hashtag: #thefrankeffect).

Because: family.

You love them, but you can’t choose them. I love my mummas. They made me the dirty man I am today. But what is life without babes to pass on this dirty love? BFFs will feed you when your mumma burns the roast (again), they’ll talk in pig latin when your nosy brother is eavesdropping and they’ll be your alibi when you really want to go that party.

Because: scrubbing.

I love our one-on-one time, but I have an open bathroom door policy. That’s why I love it when babes send in photos of our time together with their BFFs. Remember: three’s a party. So in keeping with the friendship vibes, every hour for the next 24 hours I’m giving away an Original Introduction kit for your BFF. To enter purchase any of my kits.

Just how scrubs need coffee, Milo needs milk and Cara Delevingne needs eyebrows, we all need babes. One way or another.

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xx frank.

Friendship is seeing each other naked.