Wholefoods? Whole donuts? They sound kind of the same.

Wholefoods? Whole donuts? They sound kind of the same.

I’m no mathematician, but there are some equations I am well aware of:

Cookie + cookie = afternoon crash.

Coffee + bedtime = no sleep.

Espresso martini + pizza = a good time.

Sound familiar?

My babes at Keep It Cleaner know all about food and how it can make you feel.

So I asked them all about it. Over to you, Laura Henshaw.


“We all know about the physical benefits of eating healthy, but did you know the internal benefits of a healthy lifestyle are even more awesome than then the physical ones? Healthy food is what gives us amazing energy to get through the day and be the best version of ourselves that we can.

Think of yourself like a Porsche car – you wouldn’t fill such a luxurious car up with bad quality petrol, you would only use the best. So why would you fuel your body with junk!?

Here are my top diet tips to never diet again and reap the benefits of eating healthy for life:

In with the good out with the bad.

Get rid of as much processed food from your diet as you can and replace it with wholefoods. Wholefoods are basically any foods that are NOT processed and are in their natural state. This includes fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts etc. They are free from all additives and nasties and make your insides smile. My rule of thumb is to try and only shop the outskirts of the supermarket as it is predominately wholefoods.

Eat fat.

The good fats of course! Healthy fats help keep you full and stop sugar cravings. Make sure you get a good source of healthy fats in every meal you eat. My fave sources of fats are avocado, nuts, seeds and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

Don’t skip the protein.

Protein is essential in our diets to help reduce the hormones that tell us we are hungry and keeps us energised until our next meal. Include a source of lean protein in every meal such as chicken, eggs, tuna etc.

Add some extra greens to your diet.

I like to call greens Nature’s gold. They are packed with loads of nutrients, minerals and fibre to promote good digestive health, give us energy and make us feel good. Try adding in one extra serve a day. Add 1 cup of spinach to your smoothie or an extra cup with dinner or lunch.

Try Bulletproof coffee.

You may have seen this on Instagram and I can definitely say it is a trend worth trying out. Basically it is a shot of coffee blended with grass fed butter and MCT Oil (derived from Coconut oil) blended. It sounds super weird until you try it but it is delicious and the combination of the butter and MCT Oil with the coffee means that the caffeine releases slowly into your system giving you energy all morning long and increasing your mental clarity! It also makes your body burn fat for energy.

Here is my go to Bulletproof Coffee recipe:

1 tbsp of MCT Oil
1 tbsp of Grass Fed Butter
1 cup of black coffee
½ tsp of maca powder

Blend everything into a blender before you start your day.”


Thanks Laura.

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x frank.

Wholefoods? Whole donuts? They sound kind of the same.