My idea of something beautiful is often quite different to someone elses.

#letsbefrank, I knew we’d get on like me in a bathtub. She appreciates a natural beauty just like the next guy, hence she was the obvious choice for my next campaign shoot.

Make up babe, Caroline Massola has featured in the likes of Vogue. I decided to tempt her to work with Tiah E-H and yours truly, and thankfully she just couldn’t say no.

After we posed for the camera, I asked her a few questions. She taught me the complexities of the make up industry, and I listened. And learnt. And scrubbed.

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

C: Coffee – of the illy variety to be exact. Don’t ask, it is an obsession. No judgment please.

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

C: With my illy, I sit in bed for 30 – 40 minutes. Whilst it means setting my alarm early, like 5.30/6, it is the time I need to zen out and look ahead at the day. Without this, I am lost, and crazy. Well – more than normal.

f: Shower or bath?

C: Definitely shower, cant sit still for long enough. #letsbefrank, who can?

f: Your work is so sophisticated yet natural and on trend. How did you find this balance?

C: I have been doing this thing for 10 years now – it has taken that long to find the balance and my niche. Everyone wants to see it, as it is certainly more beautiful. It is just about finding your unique way to articulate it.

Being aware of the world around you, will keep you on trend. And the trend is that understated is beauty. From this, it is about knowing the product and understanding the face; the canvas that you are working on.

f: How do you find working with males v. females?

C: Males are fun, but women are far more beautiful to me. A female face is the ultimate canvas. Men wriggle around a lot – no offence frank.

f: You do makeup for editorial and advertising. What is the major difference between the two?

C: Advertising is more about adapting to a brief and the client. You are there to represent the brand, rather than yourself. It is not about me as an artist, but interpreting someone else’s vision.

With editorial, I can be more creative and express myself more. People are more open to my ideas and how I would play out the brief.

f: You recently did the hair and makeup for our latest campaign. How did you find this experience, mixing scrub with makeup and products?

C: I loved the experience! I mixed a Kevin Murphy texture spray with the scrub to make it really stick, and slathered Tiah with it. It was messy – but it built up amazing coverage and lasted the length of the shoot.

To be honest, doing Tiah’s makeup was the highlight of my career to date. She is a mum and a more mature model in the industry, someone I have loved and watched grow and transform into the exceptional lady she is today.

She looked absolutely glorious.

f: How do you find working with different skin types?

C: Skin is the most important part of my job and it is my favourite part. I love to make skin look glorious.

Sure, it can be really challenging, especially when people aren’t in touch with their skin. Often I find myself compensating for a skin imbalance. Luckily I have a range of products catering for exactly what the skin needs. A really good texture is also essential.

f: Biggest challenge in your industry?

C: Navigating and interpreting briefs from my clients. It can get difficult when you’re interpreting someone else’s creative language. It is only through discussion and pictorial references that you will find yourself on the same page. Personally, I love the challenge.

My idea of something beautiful is often quite different to someone elses. Hence, it is about talking through all ideas and coming to the best result for both parties. It is also important to do your best to click with the personality of the face you are working with. If you do this, the result will be ten times better.

It can be challenging, but it certainly keeps me on my toes.

f: What beauty routine do you personally adhere to?

C: I used to work for Mecca Cosmetica, who taught me to appreciate the range of products on the market, but find what suits me and keep it simple.

My skin tells me what it needs.

Dr Harshowfro – is clean and organic. The most important things for my skin are cleaning, refining, texturing, and hydrating. Using a range of scrubs – fine or larger grain scrubs to regain texture. Serums and moisturisers regain hydration.

f: Favourite three products?

  1. Something that changed my life – shu uemura cleansing oil. Changed my understanding of skin.
  2. Second fave – Dr Harshkow balancing oil. I mix that into my moisturiser.
  3. I know the importance of hydrating and giving back to my skin – chantecaille mask – it is a jasmine and lily healing mask.

So basically, a massive hug for your skin.

f: Biggest myth in the makeup/beauty industry you have come across?

C: There are two.

  1. The idea of foaming cleansers and that whole ‘squeaky-clean’ idea. It is not a good idea, all that foaming and bubbling. It is stripping the natural oils from your skin, so your skin then has to overcompensate to hydrate itself.
  2. More is more – this is not a saying and never should be. The more you put onto your skin, the more blemishes you will get. Let it breathe, baby.

I find people often need a complete re-education into how to look after there skin. This was one of my favourite parts of the job at Mecca.

f: Best product you as an artist use and can recommend?

  1. The NARS illuminator – mix it with foundation, and valla.
  2. Sheamora – a mask, hydrater, a primer – all in one. Perfect for the time poor.

f: You are constantly balancing different types of jobs and briefs. How do you remain grounded / find a life balance?

C: My morning routine is extremely important to me. Life gets pretty crazy – you just have to roll with it and hold onto your time. Often I go to bed late, but it means I am prepared and thus more relaxed.

f: Average day on a plate?

C: Coffee. Breakfast is had in the car – always buckwheat with blueberries and yoghurt. If I go out, religiously have poached egg with one piece of toast.

Arrive at job – 8 hours glued to a model. I am a psyhillac, so I have to be careful what I eat. I always pack my lunch as the food you are often provided might not be suitable for me. I try to keep it to protein and vegetables.

Clean brushes, spend next couple of hours emailing and invoicing.

Chill out time with my kittens and my man.

Then I cook dinner and head back to my computer.

Dinner is meat and veg – keep it simple.

I am a control freak – must cook dinner, as boyfriend will use too much oil.

Then I retreat to my bed for a solid 2 hours of instagram / social stalking. What can I say – I have to keep my finger on the pulse.

f: One tip for staying fit and healthy throughout a busy schedule?

C: I just went through a life change and lost a heap of weight, which made me focus intensely on exercise and food. But basically it comes down to 80% what you put in your body. That tends to guide you in the right direction.

Sleep is very important – whilst I am not the best example, I respect the importance.

f: Do you have a #bodylove quote?

C: What you put in your body today, shows up tomorrow.

Take responsibility.

f: One dream client you hope to one-day work with?

C: Luma Grophey – that chick is exceptionally beautiful.

f: Who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

C: Grace Cottington – I think that she has seen everything and would have some amazing stories to tell. She is very relevant to both my industry and me personally and is the epitome of hard working.

xx frank


My idea of something beautiful is often quite different to someone elses.