When the weather changes, so does skin

When the weather changes, so does skin

I’ve got babes all across the world. Some places heating up, others are chilling out. But when the weather changes, so does skin, #letsbefrank. And so should your skincare routine.

When temperatures are heating up.

  1. Protect yourself from the elements: sun, salt, and spicy boys. Wear SPF daily to look after your skin and put my Coconut Body Balm on the ends of your hair when entering the pool or the ocean. I help create a layer to protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater. I don’t protect as well against smooth pick-up lines.
  2. When it’s hot, all you wanna do is strip: skincare, not clothes. Swap your heavy-duty moisturiser for something a little lighter: like my Caffeinated Face Moisturiser for light hydration that won’t clog your pores.
  3.  Keep cooling products nearby for when the heat gets too hot to handle. Products with aloe vera help soothe sun-kissed skin. My Peppermint Coffee Scrub has aloe vera to calm down redness & irritation while fighting off bacteria.

When temperatures are chilling out.  

  1. When it’s cold out, babes flock to the warmest of places: the shower with me or the office heater. But did you know heaters make skin dry? Keep hydrated by moisturising the skin on your face as well as the skin on your body with my nourishing Body Cream. Pomegranate, green tea, and shea butter wake up tired skin and deeply nourish so you’re looking juicy, all over.
  2. Don’t forget your lips, babe. It’s party season and that means pashing season. Keep your lips hydrated with my Original Lip Duo. For soft, sweet lips and kisses all season long.
  3. I know it’s tempting, but don’t take hot showers. It strips your bod of natural moisture and leaves you feeling even drier. Keep it warm, not hot, and always moisturise your sweet spots after you shower. As long as we’re together, the shower will always be steamy, #letsbefrank.