I got down (and a little dirty) with influencer Laila Loves. She spilled some skincare secrets, and I spilled my Clean Body Wash (all over her). It was an all-around good time.

F: What does Laila love? 

L: Skincare. I love skincare.

F: Tell us about @wowisthatyourhair.

L: Wow Is That Your Hair is actually my brand. I have a wig brand, and I decided to make it because I wanted to have pastel hair so bad but I didn’t want to damage my natural hair.

F: What’s something you tell yourself every day?

L: That I am beautiful.

F: What are you usually listening to?

L: R&B without fail.

F: Shower me with compliments. What do you like best about my unscented Clean Body Wash?

L: It’s super foamy. So if you’re someone like me who likes to have one of those really bubbly showers, you’ll absolutely love this.

F: Quiz time: what’s the difference between clean and non-clean deodorant?

L: Clean deodorants don’t have aluminium in them which can be harmful, and instead they use all natural-based products.

F: How would you describe the texture of my Clean Deodorant?

L: What I love about it most of all is how moisturising it is, so as soon as you open this, it kind of like leaves your armpits feeling moisturised, but not sweaty.

F: And what does it smell like?

L: Fresh, citrusy, and clean.

F: Tell me more about your positive experiences using my deodorant.

L: Apart from it actually working, and not leaving any odour when I’m out during the day, it also doesn’t irritate under my arms. If you’re like me and you shave, sometimes your skin can get irritated and you’ll have little razor bumps. But when I’m using this deodorant, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

F: And I have to ask, what’s a dirty thought you have every day?

L: A dirty thought? Ummm I need to clean my room.