You have questions. I have answers. Not to everything, of course. I can’t tell you how long to leave your bread in the toaster (4 minutes?) or why towels get dirty when you only use them when you’re clean (sorcery?).

But when it comes to skin brightening, I’m your guy. Sunnies on, babe. It’s about to get bright.


“What is skin brightening?”

We’re off to a good start. 

Bright skin is less hyperpigmentation. Less pimple scarring. More even complexion and reduced fine lines. So when babes are after skin brightening products, it needs to be effective and multi-task by tackling all of the above.


“What ingredients will give me brighter skin?”

The main ingredients to look out for are Vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs, and Retinol. 

Vitamin C brightens by encouraging new cells to take the spotlight, as old cells are exfoliated away. An antioxidant, it’s a safe, natural, active ingredient that works. 

AHAs like Glycolic Acid brighten by exfoliating your upper, damaged skin cells, to reveal radiant, clear skin beneath.

A BHA like Salicylic Acid brightens by removing congestion deep in your pores, clearing your breakouts and giving you a more even complexion.


“What is the best skin brightening product?”

Shameless plug: my Brightening Vitamin C Mask of course. It’s my first active product. A triple threat: it brightens, softens, and clears skin all at once. With a fancy formula, it’s effective, natural, and affordable; less than $20/£15. Was that a gasp I heard?


“Any tips & tricks?”

Here’s a tip: When using a brightening product, make sure you slather on sunscreen. It’ll help prevent future hyperpigmentation and flushed cheeks. Vitamin C also makes your sweet cheeks more photosensitive, so use protection: AKA SPF.

And here’s a trick: Take a before and after. As much as I wish it did, staring at yourself in the mirror every day won’t make the change obvious. Take a photo before you start. Take another after a few weeks. And another after a few months. Patience is a virtue, babe. And the slow and steady win the face race.

And one for good luck: Keep moisturised and don’t over-exfoliate. When you find a new miracle product, I know you want it on you, all over you, 24/7. But over-exfoliating can upset your skin barrier, so only use my mask 2-3 times a week. And moisturise daily to keep your skin barrier juicy and happy.