KAPOW! Toxins, you were just beaten by a babe.

It’s time to call bullshit on your skin, babe. I want you to call out all the crap that is hiding beneath. It’s time to show it who’s boss.

There is a layer of toxins sitting just below your skin, they are called lymphatic fluids. They come from things like cheeseburgers and sitting on the couch for too long. #letsbefrank, these things happen. It’s time they left, it’s detox time.

Headline reads: “Bad-ass babe beats blemishes.”


Let’s go in gentle, babe. The toxins won’t know you’re coming. This is like a yawn for your skin. Stretching helps clean cells and dump toxins out of your skin. Imagine each stretch is like a breath of air for your lungs. Your skin is your largest organ: it needs to soak up all the oxygen it can.


Another toxin dumper. This is like a sneeze for your skin. This time you can see the toxins leaving your body and skin, through sweat. So get frisky, or get moving. Remember the grease from that burger you had? Now sweat it out.


Get that blood pumpin’ pumpin’. Let’s scrub off dry, dull skin. Ain’t no babe got time for that. Coffee has the same PH as your skin, so you can look PH-abulous. Skin as soft as a kitten with a blow wave.


Not a juice cleanse, but a skin cleanse. The activated charcoal found in my Charcoal Face Cleanser will give your skin a deep clean to detox and re-energise and you will feel as fresh as an Eskimo with a soft serve.

‘Kapow.’ Toxins: you were just beaten by a babe. All future breakouts beware, glowing skin is here to stay.

x frank

KAPOW! Toxins, you were just beaten by a babe.